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Ks. myös Yhdysvallat, See also United States


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Making sense of the new Cold War, 26 March 2019

US grip of the world weakening, 7 November 2013

Constructive and nefarious genocides, 1 February 2011

Britain's dangerous double games, 5 January 2011

The Great Soul of Power, 12 January 2009

"Free market" meets crime, 18 November 2008

Militarisoituneiden eliittien "todellisuus", Rauhan puolesta 1/2008, 10.4.2008

"Hullu vuosi" 1968 — mieletön vuosi 2008, 6.2.2008


Human rights and the power of propaganda

28 August 2007

Todellinen maailma ja Blairin "visiot"


Globalisaation tuhovoima


Arvojen universaalisuudesta


Kommunismin tuomitsemisesta


Barbarism in the name of civilisation

30 January 2006

"Terrorismin ymmärtäjät"


Who's appeasing who?

23 March 2004

When fundamentalisms clash

22 July 2003

Rethinking human rights

2 July 2003

Orwellian newspeak is here

24 June 2003

"Terrorismin vastaisen rintaman" kuvitelmat


Suomalaisälykkö rähmällään Länteen


When fundamentalisms clash

22 July 2003

Iloniemen iloinen uutinen


Professoritason lapsenuskoa


Kuka valvoo vahvojen valtioiden toimia?

Ydin, 6/2002

American and European responsibility

openDemocracy, 26 September 2001

Englanninkielisen maailman ylemmyyden myytti

Yliopisto, 2000

Aseteollisuuden voitot kulkevat moraalin edellä

Ydin, 5/1999

Vallankäytön moniselitteisyys

BBC Finnish Section, 4.1.1996

Uusnationalismin hyökyaalto synnyttää levottomuutta Euroopassa

Ydin, 1994

The Poor Fight Back

New Internationalist, September 1993

Eurooppalaisen imperialismin perintö

BBC Finnish Section, 20.4.1993

Eurooppa Kylmän sodan jälkeen

BBC Finnish Section, 6.4.1993

Köyhät näyttävät rikkaille esimerkkiä

Kehitys, 3/1993

Alhaisen intensiteetin demokratiat

Kehitys, 1993

Kansainvälisten suhteiden militarisoiminen

BBC Finnish Section, 21.1.1993

Uusnationalismin hyökyaalto synnyttää levottomuutta Euroopassa

Ydin, 1992

Eurooppalaista kansalaisdemokratiaa etsimässä

Ydin, 1991

Komentotaloudesta markkinakomentoon

BBC Finnish Section, 1.6.1991

Itä-Euroopan uusi tuleminen



BBC Finnish Section, 21.12.1990

Isaac Deutscher - idän ja lännen toisinajatteleva

Suomen Kuvalehti, 19.1.1979

Neuvostoliiton joukot ylittäneet Tšekkoslovakian rajan Pasi Rutanen, Tapani Lausti

YLEn Elävä arkisto 1968

Esa Aallas:

Oliko Frantz Fanon oikeassa?

Kansan Uutiset, 24.8.2005


Muiden kirjoittajien artikkeleita — Articles by other writers


Tomgram: Michael Klare, A Game of Nuclear Chicken with Russia and China, TomDispatch.com, 11 October 2020

Reaching for Guns & Money by Vijay Prashad, Consortium News, 9 October 2020

Are You Feeling Safer? ‘War of the Worlds' Pits U.S. and Israel Against Everyone Else by Philip Giraldi, Information Clearing House, 29 Septgember 2020

Tomgram: Nick Turse, One Hundred Seconds Till the Apocalypse, TomDispatch.com, 24 September 2020

What UN Needs is a Cease-Fire Inside its own Security Council by Thalif Deen, Inter Press Service, 24 September 2020

Stephen Cohen Has Died. Remember His Urgent Warnings Against The New Cold War, CaitlinJohnstone.com, 19 September 2020

Assassinating Irony & Truth by Finian Cunningham, Information Clearing House, 17 September 2020

Shadow armies: how the West wages war but keeps its soldiers at home by Paul Rogers, openDemocracy, 3 September 2020

Lebanese portents by Prabhat Patnaik, MR Online, 22 August 2020

The Kuwait War at 30: The birth of a unipolar world by Farhang Jahanpour, The Transnational, 2 August 2020

The New Cold War Heats Up by Brian Cloughley, CounterPunch, 24 July 2020

Has 2020 marked the end of progressive left electoralism? by Charlie Ebert, ROAR, 10 July 2020

There's No Such Thing as the “National Interest” by John Carl Baker, Jacobin, 10 July 2020

The U.S. and UK are a wrecking ball crew against the pillars of internationalism by Vijay Prashad, MR Online, 9 July 2020

When Rogue States Sanction the International Criminal Court by Richard Falk, CounterPunch, 3 July 2020

Tipping the Nuclear Dominoes by Conn Hallinan, Antiwar.com, 19 June 2020

Decades-long cover-up continues of assassination of Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme by Jordan Shilton, Defend Democracy Press, 18 June 2020

Tear down the racist statues, end racist debt and pay for reparations by Vijay Prashad, MR Online, 10 June 2020

Swedish prosecutors close Olof Palme murder inquiry after 34 years by Jon Henley, The Guardian, 10 June 2020

Ultimately, All Monuments are Ozymandias, by Craig Murray, 9 June 2020

American Exceptionalism May Be Pushing World into Most Dangerous Period Ever by Prabir Purkayastha, ZNet, 3 June 2020

US-Russia Ties, from Heyday to MayDay by Ray McGovern, Consortium News, 3 June 2020

Plague & War by Conn Hallinan, ZNet, 19 May 2020

The Bouficha Appeal: Universal Call for Humanity to End Militarism and Stop War by Abdallah El Harif – Vijay Prashad, CounterPunch, 18 May 2020

The Coming Nuclear Menace: Hypersonic Missiles by Karl Grossman, CounterPunch, 18 May 2020

Crosstalking WW2 by Paul Robinson, RT/Irrussianality, 9 May 2020 (video)

How U.S. Military Aid Threatens to Upend Europe's Long Peace by Luke Nicastro, The National Interest, 24 March 2020

Doctor Strangelove Takes Care of Our Health. The Real Scenario is Nuclear War? “Senator, I am a Fan of Flexible First-use Policy” by Manlio Dinucci, Global Research, 25 March 2020

House of Mirrors: Justin Trudeau's Foreign Policy – Book Review by Jim Miles, The Palestine Chronicle, 23 March 2020

Baltic countries interested to increase their role on the international scene by Lucas Leiroz, The Duran, 21 March 2020

Why Do the U.S. and Its Allies Hide These Facts From the Public? by Eric Zuesse, Strategic Culture, 7 March 2020

Violent Islamism is gaining the upper hand in Afghanistan and Africa by Paul Rogers, openDemocracy, 6 March 2020

Anonymous Sources and the Guys and Gals Who Made the Iraq War a Reality Are Now Claiming That the Kremlin Is at It Again! by Philip Giraldi, The Unz Review, 27 February 2020

The Terrorism-Industrial Complex (TIC) by Jan Oberg, The Transnational, 25 February 2020

How the US helped create Al Qaeda and ISIS by Garikai Chengu, The Transnational, 21 February 2020

Munich C nference Reveals East-West Divide by Pepe Escobar, Consortium News, 20 February 2020

The blockade, a weapon that causes more death than war by Carmen Esquivel, MR Online, 12 February 2020

What will 2020 bring? Finding our way in a more polarised world by Richard McNeil Willson, openDemocracy, 3 February 2020

The Troubling Decline of International Law by Craig Murray, 24 January 2020

Wahrheit Macht Frei… Truth Sets You Free by Finian Cunnnigham, Information Clearing House, 24 January 2020

'The Most Dangerous Situation That Humanity Has Ever Faced': Doomsday Clock Now 100 Seconds to Midnight by Jessica Corbett, Common Dreams, 23 January 2020

Battle of the Ages to stop Eurasian integration by Pepe Escobar, Asia Times, 16 January 2020

From a dysfunctional world order to a sustainable future: an interview with Richard Falk by by C.J. Polychroniou, MR Online, 9 January 2020

Reflecting on 20 years of anti-war failures by Paul Robinson, Irrussianality, 8 January 2020

On The Idiotic Partisan Debate Over Regime Change In Iran Or Syria, CaitlinJohnstone.com, 7 January 2020

The West's Present Misconduct Has a Long History by James O'Neill, Information Clearing House, 1 January 2020

10 Good Things About 2019 by Medea Benjamin, ZNet, 31 December 2019

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“Opposing Interventionism In Nation X Means You Love Nation X’s Government!”, CaitlinJohnstone.com, 27 December 2019

The Christmas Truce of 1914: Abolish All Wars. Indict Today’s War Criminals in High Office by Michel Chossudovsky, Global Research, 23 December 2019

The World had an ‘Unprecedented’ Number of People in Humanitarian Need this Year by Samira Sadeque, Inter Press Service, 10 December 2019

The Oppressive State Is a Macho Rapist by Vijay Prashad, ZNet, 6 December 2019

China, USA and the Geopolitics of Lithium by F. William Engdahl, Global Research, 19 November 2019

A Hard Case: Victor Serge’s Notebooks: 1936-1947 by J. Hoberman, The Point, 14 November 2019

US & Israel Cast Lone UN Votes Against Historic Peace Measures by Ben Norton, Consortium News, 14 November 2019

‘The Test of a Country Is Not the Number of its Millionaires' by Vijay Prashad, Consortium News, 5 November 2019

Things Are Only Going To Get Weirder by Caitlin Johnstone, Medium, 1 November 2019

The Global Revolts from the Margins by Paul Rogers, Oxford Research Group, 30 October 2019

Teenagers Are Changing The World. They Should Be Allowed To Vote by Karen Doland and Theo Wuest, ZNet, 29 October 2019

Western progressives and the imperialist Inquisition by Stephen Sefton, MR Online, 27 October 2019

There’s something that’s ours on those streets and we’re going to take it back by Vijay Prashad, MR Online, 25 October 2019

Syria, Ecuador And India by Vijay Prashad, ZNet, 12 October 2019

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The Rise of the Right by John Bellamy Foster and Farooque Chowdhury, Monthly Review, 1 October 2019

We Have Swung into the Dark Ages, Says Nobel Peace Laureate Jody Williams by Anna Shen, Inter Press Service, 26 September 2019

My Voice Is the Gallows for All Tyrants by Vijay Prashad, Consortium News, 20 September 2019

The west's self-proclaimed custodians of democracy failed to notice it rotting away by Pankaj Mishra, The Guardian, 20 September 2019

Crimea and Kashmir Viewed Through a Western Prism of Hypocrisy by Brian Cloughley, Strategic Culture Foundation, 17 September 2019

So-Called "Limited" Nuclear War Would Actually Be Very Bad and Kill Tens of Millions, Warns New Report by Eoin Higgins, Common Dreams, 17 September 2019

The Myth of the Cold War: 74 Years Ago, Secret September 1945 Plan to “Wipe the Soviet Union off the Map” by Michel Chossudovsky, Global Research, 15 September 2019

The Age of Constitutional Coups by Paul Street, CounterPunch, 13 September 2019

Demythologizing the Roots of the New Cold War by Ted Snider, Antiwar.com, 9 September 2019

WATCH: CN Live! Episode 8 on Three Crises: in Britain, Italy and Kashmir, with Pakistan's UN Ambassador, Consortium News, 6 September 2019

Two Puny Nations Subjecting World to Risk of Nuclear Holocaust by Paul Craig Roberts, Russia Insider, 2 September 2019

? Behind Islamophobia Is a Global Movement of Anti-Semites by Nafeez Ahmed, CounterPunch, 30 AUgust 2019

The Hitler-Stalin Pact, Reconsidered by

How To Make Sense Of Foreign Protests by Caitlin Johnstone, Scoop, 27 August 2019

The G7 Countries Look Feeble—Iran and Brazil Could Shore Them Up by Vijay Prashad, Common Dreams, 27 August 2019

Hybrid wars are destroying Democracies by Vijay Prashad, MR Online, 23 August 2019

Despite Massive Police Lockdown, Protesters Vow to Offer 'Radical Solutions' to Counter G7 Failures by Andrea Germanos, Common Dreams, 23 August 2019

History Runs in Zig-Zags: Crisis in Kashmir, Hope in Argentina by Vijay Prashad, Consortium News, 15 August 2019

How Tehran Fits into Russia-China Strategy by Pepe Escobar, Global Research, 13 August 2019

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Russia and China Scare American Vassal States by Ruslan Ostashko, The Saker, 27 July 2019

Tanker Seizures and the Threat to the Global Economy from Resurgent Imperialism by Craig Murray, 27 July 2019

From Trump to Johnson, nationalists are on the rise – backed by billionaire oligarchs by George Monbiot, The Guardian, 26 July 2019

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The Unipolar Moment is Over by Pepe Escobar, Consortium News, 10 June 2019

Putin and Xi step up the strategic game by Pepe Escobar, Asia Times, 8 June 2019

The 75th anniversary of D-Day and the rising threat of imperialist war by Bill Van Auken, World Socialist Web Site, 7 June 2019

DNA-based holidays encourage a dangerous flirtation with race by

Far from quiet on the US vs Russia-China front by Pepe Escobar, Information Clearing House, 1 June 2019

Racism, sexism, Nazi economics: Estonia's far right in power by Shaun Walker, The Guardian, 21 May 2019

‘Clash of civilizations’ or crisis of civilization? by Pepe Escobar, Asia Times, 18 May 2019

The Dead Don’t Die: They March to War by Pepe Escobar, Strategic Culture Foundation, 17 May 2019

Who killed the prime minister? The unsolved murder that still haunts Sweden by Imogen West-Knights, The Guardian, 16 May 2019

Why The Powerful Always Paint Their Side As The Victims by Caitlin Johnstone, Medium, 6 May 2019

China and Russia: Whoopin' Uncle Sam at His Own Game by Mike Whitney, Information Clearing House, 3 May 2019

Historic Anti-Nuke ‘Golden Rule' Resumes Mission, Bound for Hiroshima, Nagasaki by Ann Wright, Consortium News, 3 May 2019

Global military spending tops $1.8 trillion, highest on record by Niles Niemuth, World Socialist Web Site, 30 April 2019

Russia Drops Out of Top Five in Global Military Spending by Jason Ditz, Antiwar.com, 29 April 2019

Sri Lanka and New Zealand: The Real Link by Chandra Muzaffar, Global Research, 25 April 2019

This is the Hour of Madness by Vijay Prashad, ZNet, 20 April 2019

Taiwan, the BRI and the Geopolitical Chessboard by Pepe Escobar, Strategic Culture Foundation, 6 April 2019

How Brzezinski's Chessboard Degenerated Into Brennan's Russophobia by Mike Whitney, The Unz Review, 3 April 2019

‘Every War Is a War Against Children' by Kathy Kelly, Antiwar.com, 28 March 2019

New Zealand Mosque Massacre: White Supremacy and Western Wars by James Petras, Information Clearing House, 22 March 2019

White Supremacy Is a Genuinely Global Threat by Tracey L. Rogers, OtherWords, 20 March 2019

UN Judgment for the Decolonisation of Mauritius by Vijay Prashad, ZNet, 18 March 2019

Misguided Spying and the New Zealand Massacre by Suzie Dawson, Consortium News, 15 March 2019

Nuclear Powers Need To Disarm Before It’s Too Late by Conn Hallinan, Antiwar.com, 12 March 2019

Crocodile Tears for Venezuela: From Late Victorian Holocausts to 21st Century Imperialism by Colin Todhunter, CounterPunch, 4 March 2019

Kashmir, Korea, Venezuela, Iran: hot, cold, hybrid war by Pepe Escobar, Asia Times, 28 February 2019

Russia and China Are Containing the US to Reshape the World Order by Frederico Pieraccini, The Duran, 19 February 2019

Imperialist conflicts dominate Munich Security Conference by Peter Schwarz, World Socialist Web Site, 18 February 2019

From Tahrir to Trump: nationalism has hijacked the hope of the people by

Tomgram: James Carroll, How Many Minutes to Midnight? TomDispatch.com, 12 February 2019

The Problem of International Law by Lawrence Davidson, Consortium News, 11 February 2019

Dismantling the Doomsday Machines by John V. Walsh, Consortium News, 5 February 2019

MAGA Misses the Eurasia Train by Pepe Escobar, Consortium News, 4 February 2019

Trump's Withdrawals From Afghanistan and Syria Are Hardly ‘A Gift to Putin' by Stephen F. Cohen, The Nation, 30 January 2019

Insights on the Iran deal, BRICS and handling a crisis in Venezuela by Celso Amorim and Pepe Escpbar, Asia Times, 28 January 2019

If The World Understood Sovereignty, It Could End All Our Problems by Caitlin Johnstone, 28 January 2019

Tomgram: Susan Southard, Against Forgetting, TomDispatch.com, 17 January 2019

The blob strikes back by Paul Robinson, Irrussianality, 7 January 2019

The New Year Past and Future by James Petras, Information Clearing House, 2 January 2019

Dr. Cornel West on the Global Shift Right by Sharmini Peries, The Real News Network, 1 January 2019 (video and trasncript)


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