Focus articles from Polarities

These articles were commisioned for the now-defunct Internet publication Polarities, published by the Finnish Institute in London. In order to preserve this valuable material, I am re-publishing them here.

To go to the full index pages, click here. The last issue was Autumn 2001. The earlier issues you will find by scrolling down the page. All illustrations are by Peter Till.

Here are all the articles in alphabetical order of the writers:

Why does Basic Income thrill the Finns, but not the Swedes? by Jan Otto Andersson

What kind of Union for small states? by Esko Antola

Blairism, 700 years on by Anthony Barnett

Europe: Something snapped last summer by Rosemary Bechler

"No Vote Media" with an appetite for all things British by Bente Bundgaard

Finnish Photography: Dominant visual art by Craig Burnett

NATO expansion again — not whether but how by Michael Cox

Authoritarian temptation seduces EU decision-makers by Deirdre Curtin

Ireland's strategic choice in the EU by Paul Gillespie

'Third Way' to oblivion? by Christopher Harvie

Exploring roots of modern Finnish dance by Donald Hutera

The art of falling in love by Ed Jones

Serfs and toffs and national popular culture by Kari Kallioniemi

Our own feeling of safety collapsed with the Twin Towers by Jaana Kanninen

The unaesthetics of television by Markku Koski

Just war, cruel slaughter and humanitarian bombings? by Riikka Kuusisto

A Nice Trap by Moshé Machover

An equal or a plural society? by Kenan Malik

Conflicting impressions of Nordic soul by James Malpas

Waving from the Periphery by Sarah Menin

Sibelius in a Sandstorm by Jari Muikku

A brush with death by Tuomas Nevanlinna

Seeking national essence by Justin O'Connor

Polar Jazz: European jazz redefined by Chris Parker

The Council of the Isles: Nordic Inspirations by Simon Partridge

Third way to globalisation by Keijo Rahkonen

Finland, the "Russian question" and socialism by Hannu Reime

The Death of Klinghoffer: More confusion despite good intentions by Hannu Reime

Ferry, across... Päijänne?!? by John Richardson

The Euro will prompt further monetary reform by James Robertson

Who owns private industry, and what could we do with it? by Ben Rudder

Nine routes to cities of culture in Europe by Antony Thorncroft

Women by the side of the dying - a feminine presence in the face of death by Terhi Utriainen


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