Kenan Malik


Kenan Malik is a writer, lecturer and broadcaster. He is Senior Visiting Fellow at the Department of Political, International and Policy Studies at the University of Surrey. He is a presenter of Analysis, BBC Radio 4's flagship current affairs programme and a panelist on the Moral Maze. His books include The Quest for a Moral Compass: A Global History of Ethics (2014), From Fatwa to Jihad (2009), Strange Fruit (2008), Man, Beast and Zombie (2000), and The Meaning of Race (1996).

Malik was born in India, brought up in Manchester and now lives in London. He studied neurobiology (at the University of Sussex) and history and philosophy of science (at Imperial College, London). He was for a number of years a research psychologist at the Centre for Research into Perception and Cognition (CRPC) at the University of Sussex, working on problems of the mental representation of spatial relations. For the past decade, he has been an independent writer, lecturer, researcher and broadcaster., Pandaemonium



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