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Contents of issue No 8, April 1998


Seminar Public Opinion in Different National Settings


                                        Making the news in Britain and Finland by Hannu Nieminen

A fundamental difference exists between Finland and Britain in the way social phenomena manifest themselves in the media. Unlike in Finland, law and order is a constant subject of worry in the British media.

          A Cowardly lesson by Clas Zilliacus

Noel Coward’s three golden rules for an actor can be used to help to understand Finland’s survival in the Cold War. The rules are: "Don’t forget your lines, don’t stand in front of the lead, and don’t upset the furniture."

  • Who sets the agenda? Editorial by Henrik Stenius

    Regardless of your status as a member of the thinking public, you can never claim to be an altogether sovereign mind. Pure thinking does not exist. You are always playing a part in specific language games that give you your social and political language, the concepts you use when organising surrounding society and forming opinions about it.
  • Da Ya Think We’re Sexy?  Column by Jali Wahlsten

    Professionally, my credo for 1998 is to serve Finnish culture with my best intentions by keeping ‘Finnishness’ at arm's length at all times. Personally, however, I would like to see some unpredictable sexy things emerging from Finland. Not bold and beautiful but fresh and funky.
  • Realities of a bilingual culture

    Linguistically, Finland often seems to confuse foreigners. Many think that Finnish is a Scandinavian language and that the country itself is a faint carbon copy of Sweden. The existence of a Swedish-speaking minority is not widely known or understood.
  • Who's whingeing now? A very personal commentary by Pirkko Hautamäki
    I was brought up in a little town in the Swedish-speaking part of Finland where Finnish speakers were in a minority. Because Swedish wasn't my first language, I grew up feeling like a second-class citizen.



Round Table: "Blairism -- A Beacon for Europe"?
Seminar: Re-branding Finland?
Symposium: Gender, ethnicity & religion in Northern Europe
Concert and discussion: "Maamme": 150th Anniversary of the Finnish National Anthem
Jazz concerts: Ed Jones Quintet featuring Mika Mylläri
Profiles of Finland Study Days

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