Dis/appearing borders? Gender, ethnicity & religion in Northern Europe


The Finnish Institute in London,
The European Research Centre at Kingston University
The Nordic Institute for Women´s Studies and Gender Research (NIKK) at Oslo
University jointly host an international symposium on

London & Kingston, 4-6 June, 1998.


Bringing together scholars from the Nordic and Baltic countries, Northwest Russia, the United Kingdom, as well as from other parts of Europe, this three- day, interdisciplinary symposium will discuss gender, ethnicity and religion in multiple issues around the role of nation-states and regional political formations, and debate the challenges and visions for future strategies for women´s movements in the context of increasingly multilevel, multicultural political orders.

The programme themes are:

* Gender in Transnational, National, Ethnic and Religious Projects
* Hidden Cultural Contracts in the Making of Citizenship
* Unity or Difference, Integration or Autonomy? Women on the Move Across the Borders and Boundaries
* Towards the 21st Century: Visions and Challenges for the

Politics of Difference


Prospects of creating a European Dis/appearing Borders? network will be
discussed in the end of the symposium.
The results of the symposium will be given out in an issue of the European
Journal of Social Quality, published by the Kingston University European
Research Centre and Berghahn Books. A book will be proposed to an
international publisher.


Pirkkoliisa Ahponen, Joensuu University; Andrea Amft, Umeċ University;
Tordis Borchgrewink, Institute for Social Research, Oslo; Avtar Brah,
London University; Beatrice Halsaa, Lillehammer College; Kaija Heikkinen,
Joensuu University; Deniz Kandiyoti, London University; Wuokko Knocke,
National Institute for Working Life, Stockholm; Elena Kudriashova, Pomor
University; Gail Lewis, Open University, London; Sigridur Matthiasdottir,
Iceland University; Cathrine O´Brien, Kingston University; Hanne Petersen,
Greenland University; Elizabete Picukane, Latvia University, Eilish Rooney,
Ulster University; Aino Saarinen, NIKK; Anne Showstack Sassoon, Kingston
University; Pauline Stoltz, Lund University; Gitte Tilia, South Danish
University Centre; Fiona Williams, Leeds University; Aleksandra Ċlund, Umeċ
University, NiraYuval-Davis, Greenwich University


The symposium will take place at the Finnish Institute in London and at the
European Research Centre in Kingston.


For further information, contact the address below, or check NIKK´s
homepage at: http://www.uio.no/www-other/nikk/

Please return by April 15, 1998 to:

Aino Saarinen, NIKK, P.O.Box 1156 Blindern, N-0317 Oslo, Norway

Fax: + 47 - 22 85 89 50, E-Mail: aino.saarinen@nikk.uio.no


Dr.Aino Saarinen
Head of Research
Nordic Institute for Women´s Studies and Gender Research
(NIKK), University of Oslo
P.O.Box 1156 Blindern
N-0317 Oslo, Norway
phone + 47 22 85 87 13
fax + 47 22 85 89 50

email aino.saarinen@nikk.uio.no

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