Robert Fisk

Robert Fisk (born in 1946 in Maidstone, Kent) is an English journalist and author. He is the Middle East correspondent of the UK newspaper The Independent, has spent more than 30 years living in and reporting from the region, and won awards for his work. He lives in Beirut, Lebanon.


Robert Fisk, The Great War for Civilisation: The Conquest of the Middle East. Fourth Estate 2005.



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Trump’s disgrace in the Middle East is the death of an empire. Vladimir Putin is Caesar now Independent, 18 October 2019

Trump and Erdogan have much in common – and the Kurds will be the tragic victims of their idiocy, Independent, 12 October 2019

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John Bolton’s sacking delighted Iran – but the world is suffering under Trump and his fellow fragile tyrants, Independent, 12 September 2019

Lebanon's crisis is almost unstoppable. Drone warfare is on the horizon, Independent, 5 September 2019

As Trump flip-flops on Iran talks, the reality is that the ‘crazed’ rogue leader now sits in Washington not Tehran, Independent, 29 August 2019

The history of religious conflict in the Middle East carefully leaves out periods of coexistence, Independent, 20 August 2019

If Chinese tanks take Hong Kong, who'll be surprised? Land grabs are happening everywhere - and we're all complicit, Independent, 15 August 2019

The scorched corpses of Nagasaki should be a grim restraint to the chest beating in India, America and Iran, Independent, 8 August 2019

Lies and buffoonery: How Boris Johnson’s fantasy world casts dark shadows in the Middle East, Independent, 1 August 2019

Genocides begin in the wilderness, far from prying eyes - in Ottoman Turkey as well as Nazi Germany, Independent, 25 July 2019

At Cologne's Gestapo museum, visitors are drawing modern parallels - can we really say they're being simplistic? Independent, 19 July 2019

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The West is silent over Morsi, the 'great hope' of Arab democracy, Information Clearing House, 20 June 2019

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From the Middle East to Northern Ireland, western states are all too happy to avoid culpability for war crimes, Independent, 16 May 2019

‘Pity America, because of this crazy Trump!’ Here’s what Iran’s man in Iraq would say to Mike Pompeo, Independent, 9 May 2019

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Judge Richard Goldstone Suffered for Turning His Back on Gaza, But Not as Much as the Palestinians He Betrayed, CounterPunch, 4 January 2019


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