"Move UN to Europe"

"The United States deserves support in its campaign against terrorism as long as the country uses its enormous resources in a moral way." This is how a leading article in the Swedish-language daily newspaper Hufvudstadsbladet (18 September 2001) sums up concerns about the possibility that the US might carry out revenge attacks which will also hit innocent people. If this happens, the Americans will lose some of the goodwill so far shown, the paper says.

The terrorist attacks have created all sorts of nervous and emotional reactions which have to be met with some reassuring actions. This leads Hufvudstadsbladet to ponder the role of the United Nations. The world organisation, the paper writes, does not have the forces or capacity for rapid reaction demanded in times of crisis.

"But are we in an acute crisis situation? It could be that the best way to calm people down is to actually establish a special UN organ to take up the campaign against terrorism.

"Unfortunately, the USA in recent years has not had much conficence in the UN. Consequently, there are few signs that the Americans would be willing to give the leadership of the worldwide campaign against terrorism to someone else. If one is the world police, that's it.

"If there occurs polarisation between the USA and its allies on one hand and some muslim countries on other, one must ask whether it is a good thing that the UN headquarters are located in the US whose government already mistrusts the organisation. It is possible that the UN would be more effective if its headquarters were moved to Europe."

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