Recital: Karita Mattila

From The Times, 7 March 2001

By Hilary Finch

When the Finnish diva Karita Mattila chooses to bestow a song recital on her audience, it must be prepared to expect the unexpected.

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Divas delving deep into the repertoire

From Electronic Telegraph, 6 March 2001

By Matthew Rye

Now at the peak of her career, Mattila exhibited the more generous vocal resources in her recital with pianist Malcolm Martineau.

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Orgiastic frenzy at the Barbican

From The Guardian, 5 March 2001

Karita Mattila Barbican Hall, London. Rating: *****

By Tim Ashley

Her Barbican recital was greeted with a response that can only be described as abandoned, as she turned her audience into a rout of orgiastic devotees worshipping at her shrine.

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Looks divine, sounds better

From Electronic Telegraph, 3 March 2001

Finnish singer Karita Mattila is the glamour girl of world opera, a lyric soprano whose luminous performances thrill audiences around the world. Rupert Christiansen met her

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