"Sweden starts a 'revolution of openness' in EU" (The Independent, 5 January 2001)
"Pragmatism rules as Swedes fly EU flag" (
Financial Times, 30 December 2000)

See also: Swedish EU Presidency web site

EU leaders push for accelerated enlargement

From Financial Times, 18 June 2001

By Peter Norman in Gothenburg

European leaders made the process of enlarging the 15-nation European Union "irreversible" over the weekend by committing themselves to take in new members from southern and eastern Europe in about three years' time.

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Swedish achievements- mainly environmental?

From The Irish Times, 18 June 2001

From Denis Staunton, in Gothenburg

EU leaders agreed to give the environment equal status with economic and social policy when formulating policy.

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Swedish Presidency a success

From The Irish Times, 18 June 2001

From Denis Staunton, in Gothenburg

But the dramatic scenes on Friday night should not obscure the significance of the summit, which represented a resounding success for Sweden's EU Presidency and marked an important stage on the path to EU enlargement.

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