Winter 2001

A Nice Trap by Moshé Machover

As a result of decisions made at the Nice summit, the EU is most probably heading, in slow motion, into the jaws of a self-constructed trap, from which it will not easily be extricated.

Blairism, 700 years on
by Anthony Barnett

This 700 year old mansucript which records a dispute about "Blairism" is known to scholars as the "Fin-nish manuscript" after the monastery in which it was copied. It remains a source of considerable controversy.

"No Vote Media" with an appetite for all things British
by Bente Bundgaard

When Bente Budgaard first came to Britain three years ago, she looked forward to covering a country — not a bureaucracy as she had been doing in her former posting, Brussels. So far, Britain has lived up to her expectations. There is constant interest abroad in the British way of life, but reporting from London has its difficult aspects.

Conflicting impressions of Nordic soul
by James Malpas

In the excitement of novelty, the Baltic nations leapt into prominence on British university bookshop shelves since their Liberation in 1991, but 'Norden' itself remained in the penumbra of this attention.

The art of falling in love by Ed Jones
You have to be just a little bit crazy to be a jazz promoter, let alone a jazz musician. All the evidence suggests that in all probability your chances of economic success as a musician working in that field are at best unstable, and at worst... well hopefully you will acquire an understanding bank manager along the way.

Let's subsidiarise
Editorial by Tapani Lausti

The concept of subsidiarity is quite fashionable in EU circles, but it seems to lack credibility among ordinary people.

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