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Toisinajattelun tiekartta 2004

Reclaiming Work: Beyond the Wage-Based Society

Citizen's Income Newsletter, 2000

Palkkatyöyhteiskunnan iltahämärä

Yhteenveto, 10.12.1999

Työkulttuurin muutos heittää haasteen teollisuudelle

Tekniikka & Talous, 13.8.1998

Työ ihmisen vapautumisen mittana

Ydin, 1994

Kansalaispalkkakeskustelu on kypsymässä

Kotimaa, 10.9.1994

Eurooppa on ajamassa ohi tulevaisuuden tienhaaran

Kotimaa, 8.4.1994

Työn tulevaisuus

BBC Finnish Section, 18.1.1994

Vapaaksi työn orjuudesta

BBC Finnish Section, 19.12.1992

Ay-liikkeen uudet haasteet

BBC Finnish Section, 7.9.1990

Teollisen utopian kriisi

Ydin, 7-8/1990

"Vihreät" asenteet voimistuvat

Ydin, 1/1989


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Aspirational parents condemn their children to a desperate, joyless life by George Monbiot, The Guardian, 9 June 2015

Politicians love dressing up in hi-vis vests, but they ignore what's really happening to modern workers by Paul Mason, The Guardian, 12 April 2015

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Rupees in your pocket by Benjamin Fernandex, Le Monde diplomatique - English edition, May 2013

Is a Universal Basic Income Really Utopian? by Matt Bruenig, Policy Shop/Demos, 12 May 2013

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From Polarities and Eagle Street

Insecurity affects work

20 December 2001

Work gender gap reduced

29 November 2001

Towards a happier working life?

18 September 2001

More help for people looking for work

10 July 2001

Co-operatives: Unemployed show initiative

7 June 2001

Trade unions widely accepted

5 June 2001

Subsidising unprofitable work

29 May 2001

Citizens don't warm to basic income

25 May 2001

Trade unions oppose Citizen's Income

17 May 2001

Citizen's Income questioned

4 May 2001

Citizen’s Income supported by top businessman

3 May 2001

Liberation from money with local exchange

9 April 2001

Mental health time bomb

5 April 2001

Brave new working life

27 March 2001

How to survive work

9 March 2001

Culture as source of well-being

8 March 2001

Government accused of jobs flop

21 February 2001

Short term job contracts criticised

29 January 2001

Temporary jobs on the rise

18 January 2001

Farewell to full employment

20 September 2000

Why does Basic Income thrill the Finns, but not the Swedes? by Jan Otto Andersson

Autumn 2000

“Would inefficiency create more happiness?”

1 June 2000

Work: How about enjoying life?

12 March 2000

The decline of the 'employment society'

January 1999

Why a Citizen's Income should be combined with a Citizen's Wage

November 1998

Shorter working hours – solution for the future?

November 1998

The end of work or the end of wage slavery?

June 1998

Citizen's Income model

June 1998

6+6 hour model

June 1998

A social welfare state which encourages job creation

June 1998

Archbishop of Finland supports Citizen’s Income

June 1998

Scenarios to predict the future

July 1997

On the way to knowledge society

July 1997



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