June 1998

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Archbishop of Finland supports Citizen’s Income

Citizen’s Income emerged in the news headlines in Finland when Dr John Vikström, the Archbishop of Finland, publicly embraced the idea. Vikström sees Citizen’s Income as a possible solution to social exclusion. According to the Archbishop’s model, CI could give everyone the basic economic security they need, which could then be augmented by other income, to achieve an adequate standard of living.

"In this way", says the Archbishop, "even working a little would be possible and would make sense. The system would not push people into idleness and divide citizens into winners and losers as cruelly as is the case now. I look at the question from the point of view of human dignity. A basic income paid to everyone would be less humiliating than the present benefit system can sometimes become. Basic income would send every citizen the following encouraging and motivating message:

"You are important, you are not a burden, but a resource. You are important by being a human being for others. Whatever work you do, in whatever situations, whether or not you are paid to do it, you still contribute to building our society."

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