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Why Turkey's earthquake is a grim wake-up call for the Middle East by Ghassan El-Kahlout, Sansom Milton, Middle East Eye, 21 February 2023

Kurdish Activists Offer a Beacon to the World. Erdogan Wants to Crush Them by Tim Krüger, Truthout, 19 February 2023

Syria and Turkey's Earthquake Reminds Us That Disasters Are Inherently Political by Shireen Akram-Boshar, Truthout, 18 February 2023

Ours but to build and die by Esen Uslu, Weekly Worker, 16 February 2023

Turkey earthquake: Building practices and government under fire as death toll mounts by Yusuf Selman Inanc, Middle East Eye, 14 February 2023

As death toll in Turkey-Syria earthquake rises, Erdogan government seeks to cover up responsibility by Ulas Atesçi, World Socialist Web Site, 14 February 2023

As death toll rises past 35,000, earthquake in Turkey and Syria now one of the greatest disasters in the 21st century by Patrick Martin, World Socialist Web Site, 13 February 2023

Hold those responsible for the earthquake disaster to account! Oppose the anti-Syrian campaign and police crackdown in Turkey! by Sosyalist Esitlik Grubu (Turkey), World Socialist Web Site, 13 February 2023

Earthquake Leaves Millions Homeless and Without Water and Electricity in Turkish, Syrian Harsh Winter, Many Facing Death by Juan Cole, ScheerPost, 12 February 2023

Live: Turkey-Syria quakes kill more than 28,000 as thousands languish in sub-zero temperatures, Middle East Eye, 12 February 2023

Turkey-Syria earthquake: Europe, with billions for war, shows its true heartless face by David Hearst, Middle East Eye, 10 February 2023

Turkey-Syria earthquake: Aid gap reveals western double standards by Elijah J Magnier, Middle East Eye, 10 February 2023

Live: Turkey-Syria quake death toll passes 21,000, as hopes for rescues start to fade, Middle East Eye, 10 February 2023

Live: Turkey-Syria earthquake death toll passes 15,000, Middle East Eye, 9 February 2023

Quake Delivers Earth-Shattering Blow to U.S.-Led NATO Hypocrisy by Finian Cunningham, Strategic Culture, 8 February 2023

Live: Turkey-Syria earthquake death toll passes 9,600, Middle East Eye, 8 February 2023

The bloody fingerprints of American imperialism are on the earthquake disaster in Syria and Turkey by Niles Niemuth, World Socialist Web Site, 8 February 2023

Turkey earthquake live: Death toll jumps to more than 4,700, Middle East Eye, 7 February 2023

Why is Turkey so prone to earthquakes? by Rayhan Uddin, Middle East Eye, 6 February 2023

Turkey's Next Elections Could Be the Country's Last Real Democratic Vote by Murtaza Hussain, The Intercept, 22 January 2023

Turkey summons Swedish chief of mission over 'terrorist propaganda' in Stockholm by MEE and agencies, Middle East Eye, 23 July 2022

Rojava's Experiment in Radical Democracy Braces for Turkish Invasion by Mike Ludwig, Treuthout, 23 July 2022

Workers in Turkey are pushing back on low wages amid economic crisis by Doga Celik and Arzu Geybullayeva, ZNet, 20 February 2022

Are the fortunes of Turkey's AKP on the wane? by Ayhan Kaya, openDemocracy, 6 October 2021

Wildfires destroy Turkey's social fabric along with forests by Ragip Soylu, Middle East Eye, 2 August 2021

Turkey: Environmental disasters a new test for struggling Erdogan by Ragip Soylu, Middle East Eye, 17 July 2021

For women in Turkey, the struggle continues by Elifcan Çelebi and Ebru Ece Özbey, Social Europe, 1 July 2021

Erdogan Will Never Defeat the Fight for Deocracy in Turkey by Sebahat Tuncel, Jacobin, 21 June 2021

Breaking the international silence on Turkey's aggression by Elise Boyle Espinosa, ROAR, 17 June 2021

Defend Kurdistan against Turkish occupation, ROAR, 14 June 2021

Central Asia: Another Turkish Proxy War in the Offing? by Rick Rozoff, Antiwar.com, 1 May 2021

Banning the pro-Kurdish HDP in Turkey is a move towards fascism by Ozlem Goner, Arthur Pye, openDemocracy, 21 April 2021

A century of oppression: The Kurds and the Turkish state by John Tully, ZNet, 21 April 2021

How is Turkey answering its ‘Kurdish question'? by Erwin van Veen, openDemocracy, 11 March 2021

Turkey's youth: Hope for re-democratization amid polarization by Seren Selvin Korkmaz, openDemocracy, 23 February 2021

Courage, rage and joy at Turkey's student protests by Nazh Konya, ROAR, 22 February 2021

Turkish authorities arrest 65 revolutionaries in a bid to break the backbone of the growing anti-government resistance by Steve Sweeney, MR Online, 9 February 2021

New app Clubhouse becomes free speech haven in Turkey amid Bogazici protests by Ragip Soylu, Middle East Eye, 9 February 2021

Turkey's student protests: New challenge for Erdogan by Andrew Wilks, Al Jazeera, 6 February 2021

What exactly is Erdoganism? by Ahmet Insel, openDemocracy, 7 December 2020

Hitching ‘Holy wisdom' to his war chariot by Esen Uslu, Weekly Worker, 30 July 2020

Turkey's Latest Quagmire: Intervention in Libya by Conn Hallinan, CounterPunch, 10 February 2020

Erdogan wanted war in Syria to bring stability to Turkey – it may bring instability to both by Borzou Daragahi, Independent, 19 October 2019

What Made Trump Change His Mind About Turkey? by Juan Cole, Truthdig, 15 October 2019

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Erdoğan’s loss in Istanbul could transform Turkish politics by

Ending Abdullah Öcalan's Isolation by Giorgio Cafiero, Consortium News, 13 May 2019

‘Revenge of the Kurds’: Erdogan’s Missteps Are Piling Up by Conn Hallinan, Antiwar.com 27 April 2019

Erdogan is Destined for Another Rebuke in Turkey by Conn Hallinan, CounterPunch, 19 Febriuary 2019

Stand with Rojava, oppose Turkey's war by Internationalist Commune of Rojava, ROAR, 24 January 2019


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