Thursday 15 May - Sunday 22 June
Works by Grönlund & Nisunen and Juha van Ingen.
Curated by Annexed.
Thursday - Sunday 1-7pm
at Annexed, 1 Hoxton Street,
London N1. Tel 0171 256 1566.

A visual arts exhibition showing works by contemporary Finnish artists Grönlund & Nisunen and Juha van Ingen. The main elements of Tommi Grönlund's and Petteri Nisunen's works have included light and sound, along with their relationship to space and material. Grönlund and Nisunen have exhibited at international shows in St. Petersburg and Rotterdam and they were recently awarded with a Young Finnish Artist of the Year prize for 1997. Juha van Ingen lives in Helsinki and works with installation, video and film and web art. His work for Interference is a video piece, which deals with the transmission of television signals.

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