I have seen the future - but does it work?
Wednesday 11 June 1997, 6 pm
at the Finnish Institute

The Committee for the Future of the Finnish Parliament presented its paper on the Finnish Government's report Finland and the Future of Europe.

The Committee had explored problems of Finland and Europe from economic, social and technological viewpoints. The seminar focused on the relationship between knowledge and technology and other questions related to information society.

The paper of the Committee for Future was introduced by Tarja Filatov MP and Markku Markkula MP. The Finnish commentators were Markku Laukkanen, the President of the Administrative Council of the Finnish Broadcasting Company (YLE), and Arne Wessberg, the Managing Director of YLE.

The British discussants were Nick Pearce from the Institute for Public Policy Research and Perry Walker from the New Economics Foundation.

The report of the Committee for the Future is available in English.
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