European Citizenship, Gender and the Transformation of the Welfare State - Nordic and Mediterranean Experiences
Thursday 5 - Saturday 7 June 1997
at the premises of LSE and the Finnish Institute

The workshop is organised by the London School of Economics and Political Science Gender Institute, in collaboration with the Italian Ministry of Equal Opportunities, the Italian Cultural Institute in London, the Finnish Institute in London and the Swedish Institute for Worklife Research (Stockholm).

During this century, social rights and the rise of the welfare state have been among the major victories of the workers' movement and of feminism. However, Europe is characterised by different models of national citizenship and gender relations.

The organisers want to exchange knowledge of different experiences and create an extended dialogue between the North and the South. They also hope to increase inter-cultural dialogue among social and legal scientist and politicians coming from the Mediterranean, the Nordic countries and the UK.

Analysis of the differences between cultures and traditions in a united Europe raises the possibility of developing a Europe-wide project concerned with social justice looked at from the perspective of gender.

Among the participants will be: Marina Calloni (LSE), Anna Carloni (Ministero delle Pari Opportunite, Rome), Franca Chiaromonte (MPO), Simon Duncan (Bradford University), Anna Finocchiaro (MPO), Maria Grazia Gianmarinaro (MPO), Anthony Giddens (LSE), Henrietta Moore (LSE), Lena Gonas (Swedish Institute for Worklife Research), Marja Keränen (University of Helsinki), Anne Kovalainen (Turku School of Economics and Business Administration), Harriet Bjerrum Nielsen (University of Oslo/LSE), Kevät Nousiainen (University of Turku), Isabella Peretti (MPO), Anu Pylkkänen (University of Helsinki), Diane Perrons (LSE), Liisa Rantalaiho (University of Tampere), Anne Showstack Sassoon (Kingston University), Birte Siim (Aalborg University), Igor Stramignoni (LSE) and Gail Wilson (LSE).

More information from: Marina Calloni or Hazel Johnstone, London School of Economics, Gender Institute, Houghton Street, London WC2A 2AE, Tel. 0171 955 6406, fax 0171 955 6408, e-mail: or

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