Profiles of Finland

"Profiles of Finland" is a distance study programme compiled by the University of Helsinki. Aiming to give the student a basic grasp of what Finland is about, the course covers the modules of history, geography, society, and art and culture. The modules all include study kits, with study days at the Institute adding to each unit.

Flexibility is the key word of Profiles of Finland. Students can aim at a Diploma in Finnish Studies from the University of Helsinki, join the course just for fun or come along for the study days only.

The 1997 spring term will feature four study days. The first of them, on Finnish geography, falls on Saturday, 22 February, with two speakers from Finland. Professor Pauli Tapani Karjalainen (Department of Geography, University of Oulu) deals with Portraying Places: A Perspective on Humanistic Geography. In a similar vein, Dr Sirpa Tani (Department of Geography, University of Helsinki) offers geographical interpretations of Helsinki films as mindscapes (see below/opposite page).

The remaining study days will focus on Finnish art and culture in March; history in May; and society in July.

For more information about Profiles of Finland, please contact Ms Pirkko Hautamäki

(Concessions for students, unwaged and OAPs)

All four modules, study days, diploma £250 (Concs. £225)
All four modules, study days, no diploma £170 (Concs. £150)
One module, study day, certificate £ 85 (Concs. £ 75)
One module, study day, no certificate £ 45 (Concs. £ 40)
Study day only £ 13 (Concs. £ 10)
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