The Gender Issues Programme, announced in the first issue of Eagle Street, has had a good start and will feature strongly in the Finnish Institute's programme in 1997. The first workshop meeting in September charted several themes to be explored in a Finnish-Nordic-Baltic-British-Irish context. It was noted that some of the themes, like multiculturality, masculinity and possibly citizenship, have a bearing on the whole programme. Another observation was that old themes like citizenship should be looked at from new perspectives, one example being representations of nationality and citizenship.

Book launch, 28 January 1997: "Gendered Practices in Working Life", edited by Liisa Rantalaiho and Tuula Heiskanen, published by Macmillan.
What kind of practices are used to construct gender in working life? The book creates through its multidisciplinary approach and rich empirical data a wide perspective on gendered practices in working life, in many cultural contexts, from the level of labour market structures to the personal experiences of men and women, and from the persistence of gendered divisions to intentional deconstruction and change. The book shows that many taken-for-granted assumptions of gender in social sciences, feminist research and political debates are challenged by a view through the 'Nordic Window'.

Other related events planned:

Cultural Histories of Gender and the Welfare State:
Cross-cultural Comparisons Workshop, convenor Jan Löfström

Women and Education
Workshop, convenors: Janet Holland and Tuula Gordon

Women and Politics
Nordic/British seminar, convenors Aino Saarinen, Solveig Bergman Jeff Hearn and the Nordic network "Half the Power"

Digital Strategies and Gender Seminar, convenors Kirsi Saarikangas and Tapio Mäkelä

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