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In June, the Institute hosted a seminar on "the Future of News Agencies". Mark Wood, Executive Director and Editor-in-Chief of Reuters, explained the significance of the current electronic information revolution to the work of news agencies. According to Wood, the traditional role of news agencies is under threat if it is not doomed.

"However, the balance for an organisation like Reuters is positive. Electronic information technology offers huge opportunities. It requires you to do things quicker and more effectively. Our role is to upgrade financial online services and to offer superior access to information."

The seminar was organised by Terhi Rantanen, Associate Professor at the Deparment of Communication, University of Helsinki. She is working on a book on the future of news agencies. She is currently doing research in Australia (University of Western Sydney). Other participants were Oliver Boyd-Barrett (Director of Distance Learning at the Centre of Mass Communication Research, Leicester University), David Chipp (former Reuters correspondent and Editor-in-Chief of the Press Association), Michael Palmer (Professor of Communications Theory at the University of Paris 3, Sorbonne Nouvelle), Donald Read (Company historian of Reuters), Colin Seymour- Ure (Professor of Politics, University of Kent), and Jeff Taylor (Professor of Media Studies, University of Lapland).

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