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Richard Kearney:


The problematic nature of nation-state in the contemporary world was underlined by Professor Richard Kearney. He argued for the replacement of the European nation-state model by a federal Europe of regions - post-modern, post-nationalist and post-sovereign - using Ireland as an example:

"The nation-state has become too large and too small as a model of contemporary Irish identity. Too large for the growing need for regional, participatory democracy; and too small for the increasing drift towards transnational exchange and power-sharing, at both the British-Irish and the European level. Hence the relevance of the Nordic Council analogy as a model for resolving the historic sovereignty dispute over Ulster by declaring it a demilitarized zone along with the Spitsbergen and Aland islands."

Richard Kearney is Professor of Philosophy at University College Dublin. His book "Visions of Europe", is published by Wolfhound Press, 1992.

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