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Brexit and Orwell's objective

By Hannu Reime

In 1947, after a horrendous mutual slaughter, the like of which humanity had not seen before, and when the world was being divided between American imperialism and Stalinist tyranny, George Orwell wrote these words:

A Socialist United States of Europe seems to me the only worth-while political objective today.

Did the Brexit vote in Britain bring Orwell's objective any closer? I think the unequivocal answer is NO. It probably moved Europe, and consequently the whole world, farther away from that goal. Recall that Orwell didn't limit his vision of socialism to Europe.

Those people on the left who think that a possible break-up of the European Union would bring forth a new internationalism, are dreaming in a world of illusions. What a break-up of the EU would bring forth, would be a collection of little fatherlands run by nasty right and far-right demagogues, a situation that Yanis Varoufakis has called  a "post-modern 1930s." Would it lessen the horrendous plight of the people who are fleeing the hell of Syria and Iraq?

The way forward, towards Orwell's objective, is a radical democratization of the EU, which is impossible without a unity of the European wage-workers against the dictatorship of capital. How can Brexit and other possible Exits bring that unity any closer?


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