30 November 1999

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EU preferred to NATO on crisis management

The Finns are divided on ways to enhance their military security. An almost equal proportion backs common European defence policy as oppose it. The figures are 45% for and 44% against.

The survey, reported in Helsingin Sanomat (30 November 1999), does reveal, however, a preference of EU crisis management over NATO membership. The support for the latter has dropped to 16%.

According to this survey, the Finns want to see EU crisis management enhanced. Of the people questioned, 76% thought that the EU should have more effective means to prevent and manage international crises.

The Finns are more lukewarm towards the enlargement of the EU. The enlargement is supported by 38%, while 24% oppose accepting new members to the Union.

The survey showed more support for a federal state than is the case among Finnish politicians. Over half of the people questioned supports an EU constitution which would define the powers of member states. This would mean a tighter union. An overwhelming majority also wants basic citizens’ rights confirmed in an EU Charter.

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