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“The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum.” – Noam Chomsky


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26 April

World breaks through carbon dioxide threshold, putting it higher than it has been for millions of years by Andrew Griffin, Independent, 25 April 2017

#WhyIMarch: Naomi Klein on 'Sacred Duty' of Participating in #ClimateMarch by Nadia Prupis, Common Dreams, 25 April 2017

Giving Peace a Chance in Korea by Christine Ahn and Dennis J Bernstein,, 25 April 2017

Donald Trump’s Failing Presidency by Robert Parry,, 25 April 2017

The Risk of Brushing Aside Intelligence by Lawrence Davidson,, 25 April 2017

'An Impeachable Offence' - Professor Postol and Syria by David Edwards, Media Lens, 26 April 2017

How Neocons Push for War by Cooking the Books by Paul Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Gould, Truthdig, 25 April 2017

American Imperialism Leads the World Into Dante’s Vision of Hell by Paul Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Gould, Truthdig, 24 April 2017

Trump and the ever expanding Israeli occupation of Palestine by Yair Svorai, Mondoweiss, 25 April 2017

Tomgram: Aviva Chomsky, The Criminalization of Immigrants From Clinton to Trump,, 25 April 2017

Why Washington is Terrified of Russia, China by Pepe Escobar, Sputnik, 21 April 2017

Trump's AP Interview: Unhinged, Bombastic, and "[Unintelligible]" by Nadia Prupis, Common Dreams, 24 April 2017

Gramsci and the Russian Revolution by Alvaro Bianchi & Daniela Mussi, Jacobin, 25 April 2017


25 April

Emmanuel Clinton vs Marine LeTrump by Pepe Escobar, Asia Times, 24 April 2017

Noam Chomsky: US Is the "Most Dangerous Country in the World" by Dan Falcone, Truthout, 24 April 2017

Noam Chomsky & Amy Goodman in Conversation, Democracy Now! 24 April 2017 (video)

Noam Chomsky: What Trump's Election Means for Humanity's 'Prospects of Survival' by Alexandra Rosenmann, AlterNet, 23 April 2017 (text and video)

Young People Want Radical Change—Survey Blows the Lid off Right-Wing and Corporate Economic Propaganda by Les Leopold, AlterNet, 23 April 2017

Trump's Corporate Takeover Detailed 100 Days into 'For-Profit Presidency' by Lauren McCauley, Common Dreams, 24 April 2017

The Pro-War Twist of the ‘Resistance’ by James W Carden,, 24 April 2017

Behind Trump’s Anti-Iran Tough Talk by Paul R. Pillar,, 24 April 2017

Will Donald Trump have the guts to call the Armenian genocide what it was? by Robert Fisk, Independent, 24 April 2017

Is Mad Dog Planning to Invade East Syria? by Mike Whitney, CounterPunch, 24 April 2017

Make No Mistake: There is a media blockade against Venezuela by Rachael Boothroyd Rojas,, 23 April 2017

Great Barrier Reef Reaches "Terminal Stage" as CO2 Levels Rise at Record Rate by Dahr Jamail, Truthout, 24 April 2017

A clinical psychologist explains how Ayn Rand seduced young minds and helped turn the US into a selfish nation by Bruce E. Levine, Raw Story, 21 April 2017


24 April

Macron and Le Pen Fight for the French Presidency and the Definition of Patriotism by Robert Mackey, The Intercept, 24 April 2017

“Fear City” Explores How Donald Trump Exploited the New York Debt Crisis to Boost His Own Fortune by Naomi Klein, The Intercept, 23 April 2017

Nearing 100 Days In, Trump is Least Popular President in Modern History by Nika Knight, Common Dreams, 23 April 2017

Tomgram: Engelhardt, The Chameleon Presidency,, 23 April 2017

‘On Contact With Chris Hedges’: Eugene O’Neill Shatters the American Myth in ‘Electra’, RT/Truthdig, 23 April 2017

An interview with Robert Fisk by Magne Stolpnessæter, The Duran, 23 April 2017

Will Brexit reopen old wounds with a new hard border in Northern Ireland? by

Never say this is the final road for you by Kenan Malik, Pandaemonium, 23 April 2017

Préface de Michael Löwy « Le Kurdistan libertaire nous concerne ! », Entre les lignes entre les mots,


23 April

Marine Le Pen, Donald Trump and the Emergence of New Right-Wing Movements by Marcus Rolle and Alexandra Boutri, Truthout, 22 April 2017

Overhauling French Politics by Sebastian Budgen & Suzi Weissman, Jacobin, 17 April 2017

In The First Week Of Election Campaigning, Corbyn Has Outperformed May Significantly by Kerry Lanigan-Coyle, The Huffington Post, 22 April 2017

Our report found that 75% of press coverage misrepresents Jeremy Corbyn – we can't ignore media bias anymore by Bart Cammaerts, Independent, 19 April 2017

The Bait-and-Switch ‘War on Terror' by Gareth Porter,, 22 April 2017

How US Race Laws Inspired Nazism by David Swanson,, 22 April 2017

Brave New Films: Trump Bombing Afghanistan to Look Strong Is Picking on One of the World's Poorest Nations by Robert Greenwald, AlterNet, 23 April 2017

March for Science Sweeps Cities Around the World by Nika Knight, Common Dreams, 22 April 2017

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22 April

The Main Issue in the French Presidential Election: National Sovereignty by Diana Johnstone, CounterPunch, 21 April 2017

Donald Trump's first 100 days: The madder he gets, the more seriously the world takes him by Robert Fisk, Independent, 21 April 2017

Group of Mental Health Professionals Warn Trump's State 'Putting Country in Danger' by Andrea Germanos, Common Dreams, 21 April 2017

In Latest Populist Betrayal, Trump Executive Order Unchains Wall Street Greed by Deirdre Fulton, Common Dreams, 21 April 2017

Shocking Exposé Reveals Trump Associates & ISIS-Linked Vigilantes Are Attempting Coup in Indonesia, Democracy Now! 21 April 2017 (video and transcript)

As U.S. Preps Arrest Warrant for Assange, Glenn Greenwald Says Prosecuting WikiLeaks Threatens Press Freedom for All, Democracy Now! 21 April 2017 (video and transcript)

A WikiLeaks prosecution would endanger the future of US journalism by Trevor Timm, The Guardian, 21 April 2017

As US prioritises Julian Assange arrest, UK hints Sweden comes first by Alan Travis, Esther Addley and David Smith, The Guardian, 21 April 2017

'We've never seen this drought, this disease': Somali families bury their dead by Jason Burke, The Guardian, 20 April 2017

Life in a ‘Degrowth' Economy, and Why You Might Actually Enjoy It by Samuel Alexander, CounterPunch, 20 April 2017

Palestine's Nelson Mandela by Uri Avnery, Gush Shalom, 22 April 2017

No self-determination by Tony Greenstein, Weekly Worker, 20 April 2017

The Massive Monopolies of Google, Facebook and Amazon, and Their Role in Destroying Privacy, Producing Inequality and Undermining Democracy by Don Hazen, AlterNet, 17 April 2017

Journalism As Propaganda by Simon Wren-Lewis, Social Europe, 21 April 2017


21 April

Tomgram: Michael Klare, Do African Famines Presage Global Climate-Change Catastrophe?, 20 April 2017

After MOAB, More Afghans Unite to Resist US War and Occupation by Seelai Popal, Laila Rashidie and Ali A. Olomi, Truthout, 20 April 2017

America Is the World's Biggest Terrorist Organization—Why Is That So Hard to Understand? by Vijay Prashad, AlterNet, 19 April 2017

US secretary of state issues war threat against Iran by Bill Von Auken, World Socialist Web Site, 20 April 2017

It is not just Bashar al-Assad who is 'responsible' for the rise of Isis by Robert Fisk, Independent, 20 April 2017

Arresting Julian Assange is a priority, says US attorney general Jeff Sessions by David Smith, The Guardian, 21 April 2017

All in play as France prepares to tear up political playbook by Pepe Escobar, Asia Times, 20 April 2017

General election 2017: Jeremy Corbyn vows to 'overturn the rigged system', BBC News, 20 April 2017

Why Not a Probe of ‘Israel-gate'? by Robert Parry,, 20 April 2017

The Democratic Party's Anti-Bernie Elites Have a Huge Stake in Blaming Russia by Norman Solomon. Common Dreams, 20 April 2017

America is Regressing into a Developing Nation for Most People by Lynn Parramore, Institute for New Economic Thinking, 20 April 2017

Henry Giroux on the attack on the public imagination by Rob Hopkins, 19 April 2017


20 April

A Bernie Sanders Campaign Adviser Was a Russian. Now He's Speaking Out by Glenn Greenwald, The Intercept, 19 April 2017

Exclusive: Julian Assange Strikes Back at CIA Director and Talks Trump, Russia, and Hillary Clinton by Jeremy Scahill. The Intercept, 19 April 2017

Assange: CIA Director Sets 'Disturbing Precedent' with Threats Against WikiLeaks by Nadia Prupis, Common Dreams, 19 April 2017

Why Hillary Clinton Really Lost by Robert Parry,, 19 April 2017

There's No Strategy Behind Trump's Wars — Only Brute Force by Phyllis Bennis, Foreign Policy in Focus, 18 April 2017

US Moves Toward Major Intervention in Yemen by Thomas Mountain, CounterPunch, 19 April 2017

The U.S. Pushed North Korea to Build Nukes: Yes or No? by Mike Whitney, CounterPunch, 19 April 2017

Erdogan's Neo-Fascist Turkish Allies by Jonathan Marshall,, 19 April 2017

Jenin won't forget Israel's massacre by Ilan Pappe, The Electronic Intifada, 18 April 2017

The Foregone Conclusion of Britain's Election by Kenan Malik, The New York Times, 19 April 2017

The Left Must Save Labour by Richard Seymour, Jacobin, 19 April 2017

Coalition, collaboration and tactical voting: that's how to halt hard Brexit by Paul Mason, The Guardian, 19 April 2017

Don't the Rich Deserve to Keep Their Money? Michael A. McCarthy, Jacobin, 18 April 2017



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