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Medea Benjamin: But it is important to try to imagine what it would be like in the United States if a hostile force, let's say in Mexico or in Canada, were building bases right on our borders, and the NATO expansion was also accompanied by the redesign of NATO not to be a defensive alliance but to be an offensive one. We saw that in Yugoslavia, and then we saw it far from the North Atlantic countries when NATO got involved in the invasion of Afghanistan, in the invasion of Libya, and not in the beginning, but later on in the US occupation of Iraq as well. So Russia was seeing not only the movement of NATO towards its borders, but it also saw the increasingly aggressive nature of NATO itself.

Making Sense of the War in Ukraine by Medea Benjamin and Chris Hedges, ZNet, 6 November 2022 (video and transcript)

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2 December

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30 November

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29 November

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28 November

Furious With Biden, Europe Says US Is Profiting Off Ukraine War by Dave DeCamp,, 27 November 2022

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