Finns cooler on EU

From Virtual Finland/Reuters, 6 July 2001

In the poll done by Finnish Gallup for a Defence Ministry think-tank, 49 percent of respondents said the European Union had a positive impact on Finland's development, down from 62 percent in a similar survey last year.

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EU approval ratings heading south

From Helsingin Sanomat, International Edition, 5 July 2001

As in previous years , the areas in which the EU is felt to have harmed Finland most are in agriculture, national sovereignty, and social welfare. Positive sides include the economy and environmental issues.

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Finns reluctant to pay for EU enlargement

From Helsingin Sanomat, International Edition, 19 June 2001

A majority of Finns still retain a favourable view of the EU's planned enlargement into the countries of Eastern Central Europe, according to a poll carried out for Helsingin Sanomat by Suomen Gallup.

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