Widening Atlantic?

From openDemocracy, 19 July 2001

Security policy differences between Europe and the US are real and growing. A researcher of international security and conflict mediation sketches those differences – from missile defence and weaponisation of space to nuclear policy and arms control. Is US “unilateralism” a danger, and how should its allies respond?

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Ex-President Ahtisaari: Finland must be willing to give crisis aid if it ever wants to get any

From Helsingin Sanomat, International Edition, 8 June 2001

Since the new Finnish Chief of Defence, Admiral Juhani Kaskeala took up his post earlier this week there has been talk in Finland of what kind of aid Finland might expect from other EU countries in a time of crisis.

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Javier Solana applauds Finnish role in EU defence development

From Helsingin Sanomat, International Edition, 6 June 2001

At the Tuesday press conference he was positively glowing in his praise for the active Finnish role in developing the EU's defence dimension, and he naturally referred to the appointment of General Gustav Hägglund (Finland's former Chief of Defence) as Chairman of the new Military Committee.

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