Nice Treaty referendum

From The Irish Times, Letters Page, 28 April 2001

By Niall Andrews MEP

The same people who told us that the Amsterdam and Maastricht treaties would do terminal damage to our democracy now want us to believe the worst of the Nice Treaty.

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Nice Treaty referendum

From The Irish Times, Letters Page, 26 April 2001

By Donncha Ó Briain

May Lynam (April 14th) is correct in highlighting the role the Nice Treaty will play in facilitating the corporate takeover of public services throughout the EU.

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The Charter of Fundamental Rights of The European Union; Recent Developments Following The Nice European Summit

From Challenge Europe, 24 April 2001

By Mathew Heim

At the margins of the Nice Summit in December 2000, the European Parliament, Council and Commission formally proclaimed the European Charter Fundamental Rights, ending the first chapter of the ‘Charter process’. The Charter has now been formally recognised by the key institutions of the European Union.

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