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Towards a new political model, 2 July 2014

Espanjalaisia vapaudenhaaveita, 19.12.2013

Occupy: Ihmisen mielikuvitus ei voi kuolla, 28.11.2013

Occupy: Human imagination will not die, 5 October 2013

Occupy: New politics emerging, 25 October 2012

Marinaleda: Andalusian utopia, 4 September 2012

Creating freedom, 24 April 2012

Insurrections past and present, 1 November 2011

Matkalla hyvinvointivaltiosta ruohonjuuridemokratiaan, 6.6.2011


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France, International Organizaion for a Participatory Society, Turkey, David Graeber


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Our Movements Are Greater Than Trump by Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, ZNet, 29 January 2018

Preparing For The Storm With A New Economy by Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, ZNet, 28 January 2018

The Catalan Integral Cooperative by Ted Trainer, ZNet, 19 January 2018

Resistance is life: Mehmet Aksoy's last letter to his family, ROAR, 14 January 2018

Intercommunication in Barcelona, past and future by Emma Avilés and Rosemary Bechler, openDemocracy, 13 January 2018

“The seeds of revolt are present in many places” by John Bellamy Foster, MR Online, 3 January 2018

The Case Against a Basic Income by Daniel Zamora, Jacobin, 28 December 2017

The High Cost of Denying Class War by Yanis Varoufakis, Other News, 13 December 2017

From #Resistance to #Reimagining governance: 6 shifts that can improve the way we solve public problems by Stefaan G. Verhulst, openDemocracy, 12 December 2017

Leaked Documents Expose How Corporations Use Spies to Subvert People's Movements Worldwide by Jake Johnson, Common Dreams, 12 December 2017

Universal Basic Income: Definitions And Details by Malcolm Torry, Social Europe, 11 December 2017

Hal Draper's contribution to revolutionary Marxism by Joel Geier, International Socialist Review, Issue #107, 2017

The waning power of Podemos and its leader Pablo Iglesias by Kiko Llaneras, El País in English, 30 November 2017

Italy uses Mussolini-era law to place community on military lockdown over pipeline project by Jon Stone, Independent, 30 November 2017

Jineology: from women's struggles to social liberation by Brecht Neven, Marlene Schäfers, ROAR, 25 November 2017

The Human Right to Not Be Poor by Peter Bohmer and Matt Lester, ZNet, 25 November 2017

No TAV: feeding the fire of resistance in northern Italy by Frank Barat, ROAR, 16 November 2017

Why Marx Is More Relevant Than Ever: An Interview With David Harvey by Michael Palmieri and Paul Sliker, Truthout, 9 November 2017

Participatory budgeting by Dmytro Khutkyy, ZNet, 8 November 2017

100 years on from the Russian Revolution, could a 21st century revolt bring about the end of capitalism? by Youssef El-Gingihy, Independent, 7 November 2017

From Neoliberal Injustice To Economic Democracy by Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, Popular Resistance, 5 November 2017

A basic income for everyone? Yes, Finland shows it really can work by Aditya Chakrabortty, The Guardian, 31 October 2017

George Monbiot: We Need a New Political Story of Empathy and Sharing to Replace Neoliberalism by Mark Karlin, Truthout, 22 October 2017

The Catalan Integral Cooperative: an organizational study of a post-capitalist cooperative, Commons Transition, 19 October 2017

The Power of Stories: Why We Need More Than Facts to Win by George Monbiot, Truthout, 19 October 2017

Humanity Is Being Split into Two Groups: The Privileged and the Billions Who Face Plunder, Trauma and Suffering by Vijay Prashad, AlterNet, 18 October 2017

The True – and False – Costs Of Inequality by Kate Pickett and Richard Wilkinson, Social Europe, 18 October 2017

Basic income: not a panacea, but a step towards a new social contract by Heikki Hiilamo and Louise Haagh, Friends of Europe, 18 October 2017

Human Anxiety in Late-Stage Capitalism by Phil Rockstroh, Consortiumnews.com, 17 October 2017

The European Commons Assembly in Madrid for a Renewed Political Force in Europe by Sophie Bloemen and Nicole Leonard, P2P Foundation, 16 October 2017

George Monbiot: How we get out of the wreckage caused by neoliberalism by Kirsty Major, Independent, 30 September 2017 (video)

Why We Need Stuart Hall's Imaginative Left by Jessica Loudis, New Republic, 27 September 2017

Don't let the rich get even richer on the assets we all share by George Monbiot, The Guardian, 27 September 2017

Democratic Ownership and the Pluralist Commonwealth: The Creation of an Idea Whose Time Has Come by Gar Alperovitz, Truthout, 19 September 2017

Youth in Revolt: Why Millennials Are the Key to Future Social Transformation by Anthony DiMaggio, Truthout, 16 September 2017

Municipalist syndicalism: organizing the new working class by Alexander Kolokotronis, ROAR, 9 September 2017

Abolitionists From Around the World Gather to Plan for the End of Prisons by Jean Trounstine, Truthout, 2 September 2017

'The S-word': how young Americans fell in love with socialism by Chris McGreal, The Guardian, 2 September 2017

Creating a Participatory System of Economic Democracy in Rojava by Pete Dolack, CounterPunch, 1 September 2017

The Currency of Localism by Jeremy Fox, openDemocracy, 29 August 2017

The Economy of an Ecological Society Will Be at the Service of Humanity by Mark Karlin and Fred Magdoff, Truthout, 20 August 2017

Revolutionary Ferment: From the Russian Revolution to the Contemporary US by Vaios Triantafyllou and Paul LeBlanc, Truthout, 19 August 2017

Capitalism and Its Discontents: What Are We Living For? by William Hawes, CounterPunch, 11 August 2017

Universal Basic Income Needed to Break 'Addiction to Economic Growth Killing Us' by Andrea Germanos, Common Dreams, 11 August 2017

Catalan far left wants independence to “sweep away capitalism” by Àngels Piñol, El País in English, 11 August 2017

Democracy is dying – and it's startling how few people are worried by Paul Mason, The Guardian, 31 July 2017

“Finland Station” and the Struggle for Socialism Today by Alan Jones, CounterPunch, 28 July 2017

Overcoming the State by Reinventing the Polis by Yavor Tarinski, Babylonia, 28 July 2017

Six months on: Feedback on Finland's basic income trial, YLE News, 26 July 2017

Radical Municipalism: The Future We Deserve by Debbie Bookchin, ROAR, Issue #6, 2017

The New Municipal Movements by Eleanor Finley, ROAR, Issue #6, 2017

Why Finland’s Basic Income Experiment Isn’t Working by

How could we cope if capitalism failed? Ask 26 Greek factory workers by Aditya Chakrabortty, The Guardian, 18 July 2017

New information reveals extent of attack on democratic rights during G20 protest in Hamburg by Sven Heymann, World Socialist Web Site, 17 July 2017

How social media saved socialism by Ben Tarnoff, The Guardian, 12 July 2017

After Hamburg protests, German government plans crackdown on left-wing views by Andre Damon, World Socialist Web Site, 11 July 2017

Madrid as a democracy lab by Bernardo Gutiérrez, openDemocracy, 10 July 2017

G20 protest participants speak out against police crackdown, World Socialist Web Site, 10 July 2017

Srećko Horvat on "Democracy in Europe Movement" & Uniting Leftists Against Failed Policies of G20, Democracy Now! 7 July 2017 (video and transcript)

We came to Hamburg to protest about G20 – and found a dystopian nightmare by

Extreme Capitalism and the Case for a Guaranteed Income by Paul Buchheit and Mark Karlin, Truthout, 25 June 2017

Politics by Candlelight: E.P. Thompson's search for a new Popular Front by Stefan Collini, The Nation, 14 June 2017

A 21st Century Marxism: The Revolutionary Possibilities of the "New Economy" by Chris Wright, Truthout, 10 June 2017

Commons in the time of monsters: How P2P Politics can change the world, one city at a time, Defend Democracy Press, 10 June 2017

Sanders: Corbyn Surge in UK Shows World Rising Up Against Austerity, Inequality by Jake Johnson, Common Dreams, 9 June 2017

A new international municipalist movement is on the rise – from small victories to global alternatives by Kate Shea Baird, openDemocracy, 7 June 2017

Corbynize This Trumped Up World by David Swanson, Let's Try Democracy, 2 June 2017

Basic Income in a Just Society by Brishen Rogers, ZNet, 11 May 2017

Emma Goldman and the Soul of Anarchism by Kim C. Domenico, CounterPunch, 5 May 2017

Dismantling Domination: What We Can Learn About Freedom From Karl Marx by C.J. Polychroniou and William Clare Roberts, Truthout, 4 May 2017

Can the platform co-op model revolutionise the world of retail? by Susan Press, Coop News, 2 May 2017

The Economics of the Future by Michael Hudson, CounterPunch, 2 May 2017

How Rojava-inspired women's councils have spread across Europe by Rahila Gupta, openDemocracy, 28 April 2017

Préface de Michael Löwy « Le Kurdistan libertaire nous concerne ! », Entre les lignes entre les mots,

The Unsilencing of Intellect: Serving the Rich, Elite and Criminally Insane Capitalists by Paul Haeder, LA Progressive, 21 April 2017

Life in a ‘Degrowth' Economy, and Why You Might Actually Enjoy It by Samuel Alexander, CounterPunch, 20 April 2017

Citizen’s Income: Both Feasible And Useful by Malcolm Torry, Social Europe, 10 April 2017

Inventing the Future: a documentary adaptation by Nick Srnicek, Alex Williams, Isiah Medina, Austin Hayden, ROAR, 6 April 2017

Iceland to enshrine equal pay for women and men in law by Agence France-Presse, The Guardian, 5 April 2017

Getting Basic Income Right by Kemal Dservis, Social Europe, 31 March 2017

Why Socialist Job Guarantees Are Better Than Universal Basic Income by Alexander Kolokotronis and Sam Nakayama, Truthout, 29 March 2017

Exploring two Alternatives by Uffe Elbaek, Rasmus Nordqvist, Indra Adnan, Pat Kane, Adam Ramsay, and Rosemary Bechler, openDemocracy, 29 March 2017

Utopia for Realists by Rutger Bregman review: A brilliantly written and unorthodox page-turner by Caroline Lucas, Independent, 22 March 2017

GreenLeft proves to be big winner in Dutch election by Jon Henley, The Guardian, 16 March 2017

Eight lessons from Barcelona en Comú on how to Take Back Control by Oscar Reyes and Bertie Russsell, openDemocracy, 8 March 2017

Basic income isn’t just a nice idea. It's a birthright by Jason Hickel, The Guardian, 4 March 2017

Facing the wind: the life of Wobbly organizer Sam Dolgoff by Eric Dirnbach, ROAR, 28 February 2017

We need popular participation, not populism by Hilary Wainwright, Red Pepper, 27 February 2017

Resurrecting the Antiwar Movement by Greg Shupak, Jacobin, 22 February 2017

Lessons From the Anti-Austerity Movement by Ellie Mae O'Hagan, Jacobin, 22 February 2017

The Anarchists vs. the Islamic State by Seth Harp, Rolling Stone, 14 February 2017

Women on the front at Raqqa: an interview with Kimmie Taylor by Rahila Gupta, openDemocracy, 14 February 2017

Rojava: Has revolution eliminated the state? Cooperative Economy, 12 February 2017

Reason, creativity and freedom: the communalist model by Eleanor Finley, ROAR, 11 February 2017

This is how people can truly take back control: from the bottom up by George Monbiot, The Guardian, 8 February 2017

Bad and Bourgeois by Gavin Mueller, Jacobin, 5 February 2017

Age of Anger by Pepe Escobar, Asia Times, 4 February 2017

Women's cooperatives: A glimpse into Rojava's economic model by Hawzhin Azeez, ZNet, 2 February 2017

Populism with no leaders: the rise of 'citizenism' and how to understand it by Paolo Gerbaudo and Antonis Galanopoulos, openDemocracy, 27 January 2017

 The ZAD: an autonomous zone in the heart of France by Martin Legall, ROAR, 26 January 2017

Democratize the union: let the rank-and-file decide! by Alexander Kolokotronis, ROAR, 25 January 2017

Women on the verge: the essence of feminist struggle by Ana C. Dinerstein, Sarah Amsler, ROAR, 24 January 2017

Are the people good enough? by Benjamin Ramm, openDemocracy, 16 January 2017

The solidarity ecosystems of occupied factories by Liam Barrington-Bush, ROAR, 16 January 2017

Left-wing populism and the feminization of politics by Laura Roth, Kate Shea Baird, ROAR, 13 January 2017

Peer-to-peer: a new opportunity for the left by Michel Bauwens, Vasilis Kostakis, ROAR, 12 January 2017

Why Millennials Aren't Afraid of Socialism by Julia Mead, The Nation, 10 January 2017

Why Don’t Trade Unions Support an Unconditional Basic Income (Precisely When They Should)? by

Celebrity isn’t just harmless fun – it’s the smiling face of the corporate machine by George Monbiot, The Guardian, 20 December 2016

The Universal Right to Capital Income by Yanis Varoufakis, DiEM25, 18 December 2016

The case for despair is made. Now let’s start to get out of the mess we’re in by George Monbiot, The Guardian, 13 December 2016

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Capitalism Breeds Reckless Consumption and Starves the Public Sphere (Wolfgang Streeck) by Mark Karlin, Truthout, 11 December 2016

Stop Fixating on Economic Growth -- Let's Talk About Quality of Life by John de Graaf, Truthout, 10 December 2016

Wolfgang Streeck: the German economist calling time on capitalism by Aditya Chakrabortty, The Guardian, 9 December 2016

No country with a McDonald's can remain a democracy by George Monbiot, The Guardian, 6 December 2016

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Life Without Politicians: A Mexican Indigenous Community Finds Its Own Way by Lourdes Cárdenas, Truthout, 5 December 2016

Nicaraguan Women Push for Access to Land, Not Just on Paper by José Adán Silva, Inter Press Service, 5 December 2016

Iceland's Pirate party invited to form government by Agence France-Prese, The Guardian, 2 December 2016

Barcelona's Brave Struggle to Advance the Commons by David Bolliwe, P2P Foundation, 29 November 2016

Is America ready for a municipalist movement? by Alexander Kolokotronis, ROAR, 27 November 2016

How do we fight the loudmouth politics of authoritarian populism? by Paul Mason, The Guardian, 21 November 2016

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Iceland's Pirate Party Makes Strong Showing in New Election, Common Dreams, 30 October 2016

The Lucas plan and the politics of technology by David King, People and Nature, 26 October 2016

Iceland's Pirate Party prepares for power as polls suggest election triumph by Griff Witte, Independent, 24 October 2016

Why Iceland is the best place in the world to be a woman by Noreena Hertz, The Guardian, 24 October 2016

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Ken Loach: If you’re not angry about the world today, what kind of person are you? Public Reading Rooms, 16 October 2016

Hope in times of crisis by Vijay Prashad, ZNet, 15 October 2016

The left never recovered from the fall of the Soviet Union — yet there is hope by Yanis Varoufakis, New Statesman, 28 September 2016

The new politics isn’t just protest – it’s about change from the ground up by Hilary Wainwight, The Guardian, 28 September 2016

Peer-To-Peer Economy And New Civilization Centered Around The Sustenance Of The Commons by Michel Bauwens &  Franco Iacomella, Countercurrents.org, 28 September 2016

Technological utopias: the nuts and bolts by Gabriel Levy, People and Nature, 23 September 2016

New Times: Paul Mason on why the left must be ready to cause commotion, New Statesman, 22 September 2016

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It's time to junk the flawed economic models that make the world a dangerous place by Paul Mason, The Guardian, 19 September 2016

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The World Social Forum — a.k.a. the ‘anti-Davos' — just concluded. Here's what happened by Sarah S. Stroup and Jamie K. McCallum, The Washington Post, 18 August 2016

Is it time for universal basic income in the UK? by Laura Williams, Global Justice Now, 16 August 2016

Review: A Road Unforeseen — Women Fight the Islamic State by Janet Biehl, ROAR, 15 August 2016

Kurdish women's battle continues against state and patriarchy, says first female co-mayor of Diyarbakir. Interview by Gültan Kisanak, Nadje al-Ali, and Latif Tas, openDemocracy, 12 August 2016

Welcome to Sunny Barcelona, Where the Government Is Embracing Coops, Citizen Activism, and Solar Energy by Sebastian Faber and Bécquer Seguín, The Nation, 11 August 2016

Naples rising: rebel youth movements buzz in the old city by Jasper Finkeldey, Mauro Pinto, ROAR, 30 July 2016

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The Commons As The Response To The Structural Crises Of The Global System by Michael Bauwens, Countercurrents.org, 22 July 2016

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The end of capitalism has begun by Paul Mason, The Guardian, 17 July 2016

Clean energy won’t save us – only a new economic system can by Jason Hickel, The Guardian, 15 July 2016

ho are they, these revolutionary ojava women? by Beatrix Campbell, openDemocracy, 12 July 2016

Murray Bookchin’s New Life by Damian White, Jacobin, 11 July 2016

The Millennial Generation Is a Perfect Fit for Socialism by Anis Shivani, AlterNet, 29 JUne 2016

Occupy + by Mark Evans, ZNet, 29 June 2016

Civil Society Under Serious Attack by Lyndal Rowlands, Inter Press Service, 27 June 2016

A basic income could be the best way to tackle inequality by Robert Skidelsky, The Guardian, 23 June 2016

Beyond strike and riot: the commune as a form-of-life by Joshua Clover, ROAR, 20 June 2016

Spanish city introduces basic income for vulnerable families by Sonia Vizoso, El País in English, 16 June 2016

Basic Income: the Silence in the Noise by Daniel Raventós - Julie Wark, CounterPunch, 15 June 2016

Is there life after capitalism? by Paul Tritschler, openDemocracy, 13 June 2016

Universal Basic Income: Why it is Not Crazy and Not Going Away by Gwynn Dyer, Common Dreams, 6 June 2016

"We crave change! We are campaigning for change! We are working to tear up the status quo!" by Yanis Varoufakis, openDemocracy, 31 May 2016 (video)

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Dissertation on Basic Income as a Means to Promote Mental Health by Kate McFarland, BIEN, 18 May 2016

Defending democracy, reinventing the left by Jean-Louis Laville, openDemocracy, 18 May 2016

The New Chauvinists Try to Defend Women – But Who Will Defend Us from Them? by Laurie Penny, Common Dreams, 14 May 2016

"More people, more agency": Turning protests into movements by Francesc Badia i Dalmases, openDemocracy, 12 May 2016

Challenging privilege: on solidarity and self-reflection by Dilar Dirik, ROAR, 4 May 2016

Will France be the next European country to start basic income tests? by Basile Durand, BIEN, 4 May 2016

How Syrian Kurds dropped Marx and adopted communalism by Claudio Galo, The Saker, 2 May 2016

May Day Rallies Worldwide Demand Workers' Rights by Andrea Germanos, Common Dreams, 1 May 2016

The incomplete, true, and wonderful history of May Day by Peter Linebaugh, ROAR, 1 May 2016

Today Is Our Day by Jonah Walters, Jacobin, 1 May 2016

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Organizing for radical change beyond the ballot box by Ben Reynolds, ROAR, 27 April 2016

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2011: a year of occupations that changed the world by Paolo Gerbaudo, ROAR, 22 April 2016

The Klinika squat: revitalizing anti-capitalism in Prague by Nikolay Savov, ROAR, 21 April 2016

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What would society look like with universal basic income? by Laurie Penny, New Statesman, 15 April 2016

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The Panama Papers prove it: America can afford a universal basic income by Colin Holtz, The Guardian, 8 April 201

Possible Ideas for Going Forward by Many Authors, ZNet, 7 April 2016

Panama Papers: Could Pirate Party Co-Founder Birgitta Jónsdóttir Become Iceland's Next PM? Democracy Now! 6 April 2016 (video and transcript)

Eggs Fly in Iceland as Panama Papers Spark Populist Anger in the Streets by Lauren McCauley, Common Dreams, 4 April 2016

The 'Sanders Democrat' is Paving the Way for the Radical Left by Bhaskar Sunkara, Common Dreams, 27 March 2016

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Learning from the life of Murray Bookchin by Eirik Eiglad, ROAR, 5 February 2016

Our attitude towards Rojava must be critical solidarity, libcom.org, 1 February 2016

Switzerland will be the first country in the world to vote on having a national wage of £1,700 a month by Emma Henderson, Independent, 1 February 2016

Rosa Lives by Paul Buhle & Alec Hudson, Jacobin, 29 January 2016

SWITZERLAND: Only 2% of people would stop working if they had a basic income by Stanislas Jourdan, BIEN, 28 January 2016

On this day in 2015: Kobane liberated! ROAR, 26 January 2016

Democracy is dead, long live democracies! by Hilary Wainwright, Red Pepper, January 2016

What happens when soldiers stop believing in war? by Ellen Barfield, openDemocracy, 25 January 2016

Electionless inter-governmentalism über alles by Leigh Phillips, ROAR, 21 January 2016

George Orwell on the real meaning of socialism, ROAR, 21 January 2016

Freedom technologists and the future of global justice by John Postill, ROAR, 19 January 2016

How to kill the demos: the water struggle in Italy by Andrea Muehlebach, ROAR, 18 January 2016

These are the simple reasons why a basic income for all could transform our society for the better by Caroline Lucas, Independent, 15 January 2016

A Global Working Class in Formation by Pete Dolack, CounterPunch, 15 January 2016

Thoughts on Rojava: an interview with Janet Biehl by Zanyar Omrani, ROAR, 13 January 2016

Chilean architect Alejandro Aravena wins 2016 Pritzker prize by Oliver Wainwright, The Guardian, 13 January 2016

Citizen's income is an idea whose time has come, Letters, The Guardian, 10 January 2016

Delivering “people power”: lessons from ancient Athens by Roslyn Fuller, ROAR, 10 January 2016

It's Payback Time for Women by Judith Shulevitz, International New York Times, 8 January 2016

Neoliberalism and its forgotten alternative by David Ridley, openDemocracy, 8 January 2016

Basic Income, Basic Issues by Daniel Raventós - Julie Wark, CounterPunch, 8 January 2016

FRANCE: Government agency recommends testing basic income by Stanislas Jourdan, BIEN, 7 January 2016

A no-strings basic income? If it works for the royal family, it can work for us all by John O'Farrell, The Guardian, 7 January 2016

Universal basic income moves into beta by Brenton Caffin, Nesta, January 2016

The 'Podemos wave' as a global hope by Bernardo Gutiérrez González, openDemocracy, 5 January 2016

Greece's Varoufakis to Launch Pan-European Progressive Movement by Lauren McCauley, Common Dreams, 5 January 2016

2015 Year in Review: Grassroots Resistance Points the Way Forward by Alexandra Bradbury, ZNet, 2 January 2016

A New Year's message from the Zapatistas: “We chose life” by EZLN, ROAR, 1 January 2016

I Hate New Year's Day by Antonio Gramsci, Jacobin, 1 January 2016

Why I Became a Feminist Socialist by Hilary Wainwright, Jacobin, 28 December 2015

If you were handed $1,100 a month, would you amount to anything? by Erik Kirschbaum, Los Angeles Times, 27 December 2015

Dutch city plans to pay citizens a ‘basic income', and Greens say it could work in the UK by Daniel Boffey, The Guardian, 26 December 2015

Switzerland to hold referendum on banning private banks from creating money, RT, 25 December 2015

Reinventing Banking: From Russia to Iceland to Ecuador by Ellen Brown, ZNet, 24 December 2015

What Really Caused the Implosion of the Occupy Movement—An Insider's View by Yotam Marom, AlterNet, 23 December 2015

Politics in the interregnum: a Q&A with Wolfgang Streeck, ROAR, 23 December 2015

Europe's fraying democracy: a Q&A with Colin Crouch, ROAR, 22 December 2015

When the Workers Become the Owners: Taking the Co-op Movement to the Next Level by Brian Van Slyke, Truthout, 22 December 2015

The Argument for Universal Basic Income by Tom Streithorst, Evonomics, 20 December 2015

How Could Socialism Be Boring? It's a System Run By and For People An interview with Danny Katch by Mark Karlin, Truthout, 20 December 2015

Bookchin-Öcalan correspondence published for the first time by Joris Leverink, ROAR, 19 December 2015

An American basic income: how do we get there? by Jim Pugh, BIEN, 17 December 2015

"A Gramscian party in a non-Gramscian world." An interview with Paul Mason by Alex Sakalis, openDemocracy, 17 December 2015

Socialism Facilitates Human Liberation by Danny Katch, Truthout, 17 December 2015

In support of a Universal Basic Income – introducing the RSA Basic Income Model by Anthony Painter, RSA, 16 December 2015

Think tank floats 'basic income' idea for all citizens by Andrew Walker, BBC News, 16 December 2015

Universal basic income could arrive in Europe faster than you think by Jim Edwards, Business Insider, 14 December 2015

The Anarchist Spirit by Marina Sitrin, Dissent, Fall 2015

French MP wants basic income to replace all welfare: is he right? by Nicole Teke, BIEN, 13 December 2015

Citizen's income and economic ideas which are true and good, Letters, The Guardian, 13 December 2015

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Swiss politicians reject basic income because they are scared of humans by Che Wagner, BIEN, 7 December 2015

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