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An analysis of the questionnaire

In the last edition of Eagle Street we sent out a questionnaire. The aim was to obtain feedback from our readers that would help us to improve our performance and output. We also wanted more detailed information about those who read Eagle Street, and most importantly, about how many of them have access to the internet and how many actually read Eagle Street on the Net. The key objective was to assess whether Eagle Street should be published in both printed and electronic format as it is now or be available only on the internet.

In all, 340 people responded to the questionnaire, which represents a 10% sample. 41% of respondents were female and 54% male. Nationalities were divided between British 62%, Irish 3%, Finnish 27% and others 8%. The majority of those who responded live in England (77%) followed by Finland (9%), Scotland (6%), Ireland (4%), Wales (2%) and other countries (2%).

Perhaps the most interesting finding was that 64% of respondents have access to the internet but only 12% of them read the newsletter on the internet. In addition, 75% of those with internet access would still prefer to receive a printed version. Also half of those who actually read Eagle Street on the internet would prefer to receive it in printed format.

In conclusion, it appears that there is still a significant demand for the printed version of Eagle Street from both internet users and non-users. However, 89% of those who don't want to receive a paper copy have access to the internet. Therefore it would seem that having internet access reduces the likelihood of the reader wanting a printed version. This could imply that at some time in the future a demand for the printed version may fall significantly, assuming that internet access becomes more widespread. 


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