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Contents of issue No 13, October 1999



  • Aftermath of Kosovo: Europe takes military route to security

    Values may be universal but the power to decide on actions of war is the privilege of countries whose historical, political and economic power sets them apart from the rest of the international community. They have the privilege to define when a humanitarian crisis calls for action and what form that action should take.

  • When seeing is believing but only half the story by Annika Sandlund

    The refugees were not the root problem, they were the logical by-product of the way we chose to fight the war, high up in the air, unable to control the slaughter, the human rights abuses, the ethnic cleansing, the hell created by ruthless political leadership. Now the refugees are back, but the root causes are all still there.

  • When journalists become carriers of war by Eeva Lennon

    How does the media influence or distort our perception of war in general and of Kosovo in particular? What drives the media and does the media influence or is it manipulated by government?

Professor Esko Antola thinks that the big member countries of the EU have begun a process "which aims to change the power relationship between small and big countries".

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