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Contents of issue No 12, May 1999



  • War in Yugoslavia:
    Non-aligned countries watch warily as NATO sidelines UN

    In Finland and Ireland -- countries with a long psychological affinity with the United Nations and the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe -- there was a growing fear that after the NATO air strikes against Serbia,  the UN will be sidelined in world politics.

  • Finland agonises over Kosovo by Tuomas Forsberg

    The Kosovo crisis may well turn out to be a watershed in Finland's security policy. The crisis is putting the credibility and workability of Finland's strategy in the post-Cold War era to the test. Finland can no longer withdraw into its shell. Rather, EU membership brings with it added responsibility for events in Europe.

  • Refining a two-by-four, Editorial by Panu Minkkinen

    The aim of the Finnish Institute is to serve the diverse cultural and scientific agents and experts in Finland by facilitating the exchange of ideas and projects with colleagues in the UK and Ireland. Our ultimate objective is to integrate such agents into British and Irish societies, and after our services as 'midwife' have been rendered, we hope to withdraw and see the projects prosper on their own.

Teija Tiilikainen, Europe and Finland : Defining the Political Identity of Finland in Western Europe.

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