January 1999  


The LSE Gender Institute 

in cllaboration with
The Finnish Institute, London
Femina Borealis Network
University of Pomor, Arkhangels’k
Helsinki University

Women crossing boundaries

Alexandra Kollontai today

An International Workshop

London, 18 – 19 January 1999

Alexandra Kollontai (1872-1952) was a Russian revolutionary, feminist, writer, politician and ambassador. Well-known in her day, Kollontai's memory has been neglected in the wake of the fall of the communist regimes in Eastern Europe. The conference aims to reconsider the legacy of Alexandra Kollontai today, and hopes to reconstruct the peculiarity of Kollontai’s activities and approaches to culture, politics and diplomacy. The goal of this workshop is in fact to consider from a new European and cross-cultural viewpoint the possible "cultural" re-connection between the Nordic countries, NW Russia and the UK as well.  Finally, the foundation of an Alexandra Kollontai  School of Politics will aim to increase the exchange of experts coming from different countries and to develop research and training courses on gender issues.

RSVP Marina Calloni, London School of Economics, Gender Institute, Houghton Street, London WC2A 2AE. Tel. 0171-955 6406. Fax 0171-955 6408. E.mail: M.Calloni@lse.ac.uk

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