January 1999  

Seminar Study Day

Multiple Identities In A Multi-Cultural Society

Saturday, 16 January 1999, 10.30am - 4.30pm

at the Finnish Institute

This one day seminar is designed to provide a forum for analysis and debate on the increasing challenges to traditional notions of identity for individuals and communities in contemporary global and multi-cultural societies. The seminar will attempt to explore these issues and their implications in a specifically Finnish and Nordic European context, especially encouraging contributions from younger academics and practitioners in order to explore generational changes in perceptions and analysis of the issues.

The main seminar themes will include:

Globalisation and Multi-Cultural Societies; Culture and Identity in a Heterogenous and/or Pluralist Environment; Generalisation differences in perspectives; The Policy Implications – Managing Progress or Conflict?

RSVP Finnish Institute, tel. 0171-404 3309, fax 0171-4048893, e-mail postmaster@finnish-institute.org.uk 

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