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Institute’s Web pages receive award from Europe Online

The Finnish Institute’s Web pages have received an award from a European Internet association. Europe Online has chosen the Institute’s pages for their 'Best of Europe' Award. The site will be featured in the Europe Online Gateway to the Internet in the 'arts & culture' section for Finland.

The criteria for the selection include "the user-friendly interface, easy navigation, content quality, and continuous updating of the site". According to Europe Online, the Finnish Institute’s Web pages contribute in "a quality way to the overall presence of Europe on the Internet".

Europe Online, the European Gateway to the Internet, is run by a non-profit organisation called Europe Online A.s.b.l.

Europe Online is a service which provides multi-lingual navigation, a user-friendly interface, content aggregation, and information retrieval. Europe Online does not provide most of the content showcased in this European Gateway to the Internet. Rather, it points to sites according to topic, language, and country, which it has picked as the "Best of Europe", and which it believes will be most interesting to the user. Europe Online is a platform on which all European content providers, big and small, can contribute to building a Virtual Europe.

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