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China's Muslims will pay a heavy price for the Kunming knife attacks by Isabel Hilton, The Guardian, 3 March 2014

China's Green Movement by Michelle Chen, In These Times, 24 February 2014

China's princelings storing riches in Caribbean offshore haven by James Ball and Guardian US Interactive Team, The Guardian, 21 January 2014

The Labor Share Question in China by Hao Qi, Monthly Review, January 2014

More Capitalism for the Chinese by Pete Dolack, CounterPunch, 13 December 2013

The Blob Hits China by Robert Hunziker, CounterPunch, 13 December 2013

Dollar Survival Behind US-China Tensions by Finian Cunningham, Information Clearing House, 1 December 2013

China's Air Defence Identification Zone by Binoy Kampmark, CounterPunch, 29 November 2013

US sends B-52s to China's air defence zone by John Chan, World Socialist Web Site, 27 November 2013

China's Market Enigma by Pepe Escobar, CounterPunch, 13 November 2013

George Osborne in China wide-eyed, innocent and deeply ignorant by Will Hutton, The Observer, 20 October 2013

What does China want with Britain's nuclear industry? by Isabel Hilton, The Guardian, 17 October 2013

Forced student labour is central to the Chinese economic miracle by Aditya Chakrabortty, The Guardian, 14 October 2013

Shoot Out at the Free Trade Corral by Pepe Escobar, CounterPunch, 9 October 2013

China: We don't do Shutdowns by Pepe Escobar, ZNet, 9 October 2013

The Two Faux Democracies Threaten Life On Earth by Paul Craig Roberts, Information Clearing House, 26 July 2013

Tomgram: Pepe Escobar, The Tao of Containing China,, 20 June 2013

If China is to realise its urban dream, it should drop the Los Angeles model by Isabel Hilton, The Guardian, 18 June 2013

China's Great Uprooting: Moving 250 Million Into Cities by Ian Johnson, The New York Times, 15 June 2013

Food scandals are undermining trust in China's new regime by Jonathan Fenby, The Guardian, 12 May 2013

China's Shadow Bankers and the Vampire Squid by Mike Whitney, CounterPunch, 29 March 2013

US Goading Japan into Confrontation With China by John V. Walsh,, 4 February 2013

Beijing is left fighting for breath as pollution goes off the scale by Clifford Coonan, The Independent, 29 January 2013

Impact of Growth Undeniable in Face of Toxic Beijing Smog by Lauren McCauley, Common Dreams, 14 January 2013

Now China's new leaders will have to work hard by Isabel Hilton, The Guardian, 1 January 2013


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