Tariq Ali

Writer and film-maker Tariq Ali was born in Lahore and studied politics and philosophy at Oxford University. He was a prominent leader of opposition to the war in Vietnam and more recently the war in Iraq. Today he writes regularly for a range of publications including The Guardian, The Nation, and the London Review of Books and is on the editorial board of New Left Review. He has written more than a dozen books as well as scripts for both stage and screen. He lives in London.


Tariq Ali, The Extreme Centre: A Warning. Verso 2015. (Esa Aallas)

Tariq Ali, The Duel: Pakistan on the Flight Path of American Power. Simon & Schuster 2008.

Tariq Ali, Rough Music: Blair / Bombs / Baghdad / London / Terror. Verso 2005.

Tariq Ali & David Barsamian, Speaking of Empire and Resistance: Conversations with Tariq Ali. The New Press 2005.

Tariq Ali, Bush in Babylon: The Recolonisation of Iraq. Verso 2003.

Tariq Ali, The Clash of Fundamentalisms: Crusades, Jihads and Modernity. Verso 2002.

Tariq Ali, Revolution from Above. Hutchinson 1988.

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Tariq Ali: Manchester Bombing is Part of Vicious Cycle, Likely Blowback from Ongoing War on Terror, Democracy Now! 24 May 2017 (video and transcript)

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