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Olli Rehnin "usko kansanvaltaan", 2.7.2013


"Johtajuuden kriisi"


EU goes military

4 June 2005

Militarisation of Europe?

Polarities, 22 June 2001

European political soap

Polarities, 10 April 2001

Let’s subsidiarise

Polarities, 18 December 2000

Eurodemokratian salaisuus on neliöjuuressa

Suomen Kuvalehti, 1998

Tervetuloa Eurooppaan

Kotimaa, lokakuu 1994

Euroopan linnake

BBC Finnish Section 1.6.1993

Euroopan liittovaltiokeskustelu

BBC Finnish Section, 28.12.1991

Eurooppalaistuva Irlanti

BBC Finnish Section, 24.4.1990


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Forget everything you know about nice, liberal Sweden — that country no longer exists by Emanuel Sidea, The Independent, 4 December 2014

The EU to Become a “U.S. Colony”? The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) would Abolish Europe's Sovereignty by Peter Koenig, Global Research, 2 December 2014

Eurocrats to regulate our Marigolds? We have to combat these EU fantasies by John Palmer, The Guardian, 24 November 2014

Criminalising the Homeless – A State Strategy in Hungary by Éva Tessza Udvarhelyi, New Left Project, 21 November 2014

Across Europe disillusioned voters turn to outsiders for solutions by Kim Willsher and others, The Observer, 16 November 2014

Parasite Europe creates its own “illegal” migrants by Christopher Patz,, 9 November 2014

EU accused over its Kosovo mission: ‘Corruption has grown exponentially' by Julian Borger, The Guardian, 6 November 2014

Luxembourg and Juncker under pressure over tax deals by Rupert Neate, Simon Bowers and Ian Traynor, The Guardian, 6 November 2014

The centre cannot hold under austerity, in Britain or Europe by Seumas Milne, The Guardian, 6 November 2014

Luxembourg tax files: how tiny state rubber-stamped tax avoidance on an industrial scale by Simon Bowers, The Guardian, 5 November 2014

Poland: Land of Junk Contracts by John Feffer, Foreign Policy in Focus, 31 October 2014

Europe threatened with deflationary spiral by Barry Grey, World Socialist Web Site, 30 October 2014

China and Russia Want to Pull Germany into Their Economic Orbit by Pepe Escobar, Russia Insider, 29 October 2014

Why The Eurozone Suffers From A Germany Problem by Simon Wren-Lewis, Social Europe Journal, 27 October 2014

The Eurozone's ‘New Austerity Model' by Jack Rasmus, teleSUR, 19 October 2014

Scotland and Catalonia are straws in the wind for the whole of Europe by Paul Mason, The Guardian, 5 October 2014

Will Europe Enlist in Washington's War Again? by Walden Bello, teleSUR, 24 September 2014

Sweden Without Illusions by Petter Nilsson, Jacobin, 10 September 2014

More Hungarys in eastern Europe? Péter Krekó, openDemocracy, 27 August 2014

An austerity revolt has broken the French government. Will the EU follow? by John Palmer, The Guardian, 25 August 2014

Obama Buggers Europe: Sanctions Deepen the Recession by James Petras, The James Petras website, 23 August 2014

A struggle to save Europe's soul from privatization by Jerome Roos,, 26 July 2014

Eu Flouts The 1951 Refugee Convention by Airin Bahmani, ZNet/teleSUR English, 11 July 2014

Spanish workers in Germany unite in defense of their labor rights by Luis Doncel, El País in English, 30 June 2014

Syriza can be the future for Greece, and for Europe too by Costas Douzinas, The Guardian, 3 June 2014

Cameron's campaign against Juncker is a democratic outrage by John Palmer, The Guardian, 3 June 2014

Europe faces 'colossal humanitarian catastrophe' of refugees dying at sea by Harriet Sherwood, Helena Smith, Lizzy Davies and Harriet Grant, The Guardian, 2 June 2014

Italy, Greece and Europe after the European Parliament elections: An interview with Alessandro Bianchi by Yanis Varoufakis,, 1 June 2014

The EU Parliament Elections as a Vote Against the Oligarchs by Michael Hudson, Naked Capitalism, 1 June 2014

After The European Elections – How Will The EU Leadership Respond? by John Palmer, Social Europe Journal, 27 May 2014

91-year-old Greek WWII hero wins big in Euro-elections by Jerome Roos,, 26 May 2014

Germany's Left Party on the EU and NATO by Victor Grossman, MR Zine, 16 May 2014

The rise of Europe's far right will only be halted by a populism of the left by Seumas Milne, The Guardian, 14 May 2014

Thomas Piketty's proposals are not nearly radical enough, Letters, The Guardian, 8 May 2014

El patético neoliberalismo de la Comisión Europea por Vicenç Navarro,, 7 de mayo de 2014

Hungary: A Black Hole on Europe's Map An interview with G. M. Tamás by Jaroslav Fiala, The Bullet, 5 May 2014

Sweden – no longer a force for good by Jan Oberg, TFF, 3 May 2014

Europe's brutal discipline by Serge Halimi, Le Monde diplomatique, May 2014

Our manifesto for Europe by Thomas Piketty and 14 others, The Guardian, 2 May 2014

The enemy invasion: Brussels braced for influx of Eurosceptics in EU polls by Jon Henley, The Guardian, 28 April 2014

Sweden's Great Welfare Heist by Adam Bott, Red Pepper, April 2014

Hungary Goes to the Polls, As the Walls Close In by Carl Rowlands, New Left Project, 4 April 2014

Europe's latest policy on Irish and Greek banking losses: A tale of two swindles too similar for comfort by Yanis Varoufakis,, 1 April 2014

Banking Union Time Bomb by Ellen Brown, CounterPunch, 31 March 2014

Report reveals 'extensive' violence against women in EU by Jane Martinson, The Guardian, 5 March 2014

Scandal of Europe's 11m empty homes by Rupert Neate, The Guardian, 23 February 2014

Barroso's remarks on Scottish independence are as ludicrous as his record in office by John Palmer, The Guardian, 17 February 2014

Switzerland's immigration 'victory' over the EU is a fairytale sold by the far right by Claudia Gnehm-Laubscher, The Guardian, 11 February 2014

Poland is having a sexual revolution in reverse by Agata Pyzik, The Guardian, 11 February 2014

The Holocaust whitewashed? Hungary's Jews step back from memorial year they say has been hijacked for political gain by Charlotte McDonald-Gibson, The Independent, 9 February 2014

Lords of Chaos by Nebjsa Malic,, 7 February 2014

What Romania can teach the western world by Marcu Niculescu, openDemocrcy, 5 February 2014

Problems of Eurozone, European Integration Stem From Deeply Unpopular Elite Economic, Social Policy by Mike Weisbrot, Truthout, 29 January 2014

The European periphery as a political laboratory by Ricardo Campos,, 21 January 2014

A Farcical Approach to Food Safety by David Cronin, CounterPunch, 21 January 2014

European Labor: Political and Ideological Crisis in an Increasingly More Authoritarian European Union by Asbjørn Wahl, Monthly Review, January 2014

This is the year of make or break for Europe by John Palmer, The Guardian, 8 January 2014

András Schiff is right about Hungary, Letters, The Guardian, 15 December 2013

Hungarians must face their Nazi past, not venerate it by András Schiff, The Guardian, 11 December 2013

Only an inveterate optimist would say the worst must be over for the eurozone by Joseph Stiglitz, The Guardian, 6 December 2013

Austerity stripping away Europe's human rights, watchdog says by Nikolaj Nielsen, EuObserver, 3 December 2013

Austerity is wreaking havoc, but the left can unite to build a better Europe by Alexis Tsipras, The Guardian, 27 November 2013

The rise of far right parties across Europe is a chilling echo of the 1930s by John Palmer, The Guardian, 15 November 2013

The Enforcers of Austerity by David Cronin, CounterPunch, 15 November 2013

Los costes políticos de sostener el euro para las izquierdas por Vicenç Navarro,, 15 de noviembre de 2013

¿Salirse del euro? por Vicenç Navarro,, 31 de octubre de 2013

In Hungary, Anti-Semitism Rises Again by Marianne Szegedy-Maszak, The New York Times, 29 October 2013

Big Tobacco Gets Sneaky by David Cronin, CounterPunch, 18 October 2013

Los problemas de la socialdemocracia alemana y de la española por Vicenç Navarro,, 4 de octubre de 2013

The Curse of the Euro by David Cronin, CounterPunch, 1 October 2013

How serious is Germany about its democratic principles? by Gregor Gysi, The Guardian, 27 September 2013

EU More Extreme than US on Trade by David Cronin, CounterPunch, 23 September 2013

El desempleo juvenil en la Unión Europea por Vicenç Navarro, Público, 13 de septiembre de 2013

Austerity Threatens to Push 25 Million More Into Poverty: Report by Andrea Germanos, Common Dreams, 12 September 2013

Romania: more resistance against politics-as-usual by Peter Storm,, 12 September 2013

One week of protests: what's going on in Romania? by Grecu Cristian-Dan,, 10 September 2013

The EU is ignoring the human rights abuses behind Morocco's razor wire by Paul Mason, The Guardian, 2 September 2013

La bajada de sueldos no es la panacea por Luis Doncel, El País, 10 de agosto de 2013

European Pundits Starting to Give Up on the Eurozone by Yves Smith, naked capitalism, 3 August 2013

La alianza de clases en la UE por Vicenç Navarro,, 2 de agosto de 2013

¿Salirse o no del Euro? Un debate necesario por Vicenç Navarro, Público, 1 de agosto de 2013

Eurozone: Road to nowhere by Hillel Ticktin, Weekly Worker, 1 August 2013

James Galbraith on Social Breakdown and Financial Stress in Europe and Why the Word “Stimulus” Needs to be Banned, naked capitalism, 30 July 2013

The EU has never been a European solidarity organisation. The European peoples must create their own unity Interview with Éric Toussaint by Monique Van Dieren and Claudia Benedetto, International Viewpoint, 30 July 2013

Desmitificando la banca alemana por Vicenç Navarro,, 26 de julio de 2013

El servilismo incoherente de los gobiernos europeos a la política exterior de EEUU por Vicenç Navarro,, 22 de julio de 2013

The European Union: Where Corporate Fantasies Come True by David Cronin, New Left Project, 18 July 2013

El ataque al modelo social europeo por Vicenç Navarro,, 18 de julio de 2013

A Modest Proposal for Resolving the Eurozone Crisis, Version 4.0 (pdf) by Yanis Varoufakis, Stuart Holland, and James K. Galbraith, yanisvaroufakis.files, July 2013

Taking stock of the Euro Crisis – a prelude to (the forthcoming) Version 4.0 of the Modest Proposal by Yanis Varoufakis,, 10 July 2013

Croatia has become the latest member of the EU periphery by Srecko Horvat and Igor Stiks, The Guardian, 1 July 2013

Farming subsidies: this is the most blatant transfer of cash to the rich by George Monbiot, The Guardian, 1 July 2013

Wrecking the Welfare State in Secret by David Cronin, CounterPunch, 25 June 2013

All quiet on the Italian front? by Carlo Ungaro, openDemocracy, 19 June 2013

"El euro fue una de las formas por las que el neoliberalismo entró en Europa" por Ana Pardo de Vera, Público, 15 de junio de 2013

Taksim, Syntagma and the EU's double standards by Ioannis Tellidis, openDemocracy, 9 June 2013

The IMF's Anger – and what it means for the Eurozone's crashing Periphery by Yanis Varoufakis,, 6 June 2013

Why Greek Cypriots need to get serious about peace by Jonathan Steele, The Guardian, 3 June 2013

United against the Troika by Esther Vivas, International Viewpoint, 3 June 2013

The Stockholm Uprising and the Myth of Swedish Social Democracy by Catharina Thörn, New Left Project, 30 May 2013

Swedish riots: if instability can happen here, what might unfold elsewhere? by Aditya Chakrabortty, The Guardian, 27 May 2013

Sweden punishes its rioters and its police very differently by Jallow Momodou, The Guardian, 27 May 2013

Stockholm Smolders by S.C. Hahn, CounterPunch, 24 May 2013

Exit Europe from the left by Bob Crow, The Guardian, 17 May 2013

Why Europe Can't Just “Fix” Youth Unemployment by Jérôme E. Roos, ZSpace, 15 May 2013

The Eurozone crisis: no way back by Georg Vobruba, openDemocracy, 15 May 2013

Return to national currencies? Not so fast! by Trevor Evans, openDemocracy, 15 May 2013

"Interview with Francisco Louçã, Economist and Leading Member of Portugal's Left Bloc" by Mark Bergfeld, MR Zine, 13 May 2013

A Story About Nothing by Costas Panayotakis, NYTimes eXaminer, 15 May 2013

A social Europe must be a political Europe by Bo Stråth, openDemocracy, 8 May 2013

Analysis: What taxpayer bailouts? Euro crisis saves Germany money by Jan Strupczewski, Reuters, 2 May 2013

Criminally Incompetent in the EU by Tom McNamara, CounterPunch, 30 April 2013

Portugal's Carnation Revolution under the Shadow of the Troika by Mario Queiroz, Inter Press Service, 25 April 2013

Very Sensitive People by Paul Krugman, The New York Times, 22 April 2013

The Eurocrats' Response by Costas Panayotakis, NYTimes eXaminer, 20 April 2013

The Eurozone crisis: what way forward? by Ann Pettifor, openDemocracy, 15 April 2013

Southern Europe's brain drain over the Alps to Germany by Nick Squires, Fiona Govan and Jeevan Vasagar, The Telegraph, 14 April 2013

April returns to Portugal by Antonio Jiménez Barca, El País in English, 10 April 2013

Across Europe, political leaders have lost the trust of their people by Will Hutton, The Observer, 7 April 2013

Eurozone crisis: what next for Portugal? by Marina Costa Lobo, The Guardian, 4 April 2013

So Much for the Sanctity of Bank Deposits by Serge Halimi, CounterPunch, 4 April 2013

Young and good looking: the saviours of Europe's Left by Marina Prentoulis and Lasse Thomassen, openDemocracy, 2 April 2013

In France and Germany's eyes, David Cameron is already yesterday's man by John Palmer, The Guardian, 2 April 2013

Even the IMF agrees… IMF declarations that do not please European leaders by Éric Toussaint, International Viewpoint, 1 April 2013

Anything's Possible Now by Serge Halimi, Le Monde diplomatique, April 2013

Wall Street's Role in the Crisis in Cyprus by Rob Urie, CounterPunch, 29 March 2013

Cyprus: Austerity Test-Case is 'Biggest Experiment in Financial History' by Jon Queally, Common Dreams, 28 March 2013

Europe's south rises up against those who act as sadistic colonial masters by Costas Douzinas, The Guardian, 28 March 2013

Cyprus's economic woes could help resolve the island's dispute by George Kyris, The Guardian, 28 March 2013

Cyprus crisis: why do we need banks at all? by Richard Seymour, The Guardian, 27 March 2013

Europe's flesheaters now threaten to devour us all by Seumas Milne, The Guardian, 26 March 2013

Death by Bailout by Mike Whitney, CounterPunch, 26 March 2013

“Europe Is The Field Of The Class Fight” by Alexis Tsipras and Rónán Burtenshaw, Irish Left Review, 25 March 2013

Cypriot bailout shows troika to be hapless incompetents by Fintan O'Toole, The Irish Times, 25 March 2013

The Good, the Bad and the Extremely Ugly (aspects of the Cyprus deal) by Yanis Varoufakis, 25 March 2013

Stubborn and Egotistical: Europe Is Right to Doubt German Euro Leadership by Jakob Augstein, Spiegel Online International, 25 March 2013

The London Whale and the real link between the US economy and Cyprus by Dean Baker, The Guardian, 25 March 2013

Germany is destroying the Euro!! by Michael Gold, Occupy London, 24 March 2013

People of Cyprus: Follow the Vikings! by George Lakey, Waging Nonviolence, 23 March 2013

Russian Ties Put Cyprus Banking Crisis on East-West Fault Line by Andrew Higgins, The New York Times, 23 March 2013

The Battle of Cyprus by Ellen Brown, CounterPunch, 22 March 2013

Big Russian money out of Cyprus; crisis endangers flows by Polina Devitt and Katya Golubkova, Reuters, 22 March 2013

As Cyprus Crisis Deepens, Wealthy Russians Are Ensnared by Andrew E. Kramer, The New York Times, 22 March 2013

Cyprus looks for Plan B by Alex Hern, New Statesman, 22 March 2013

Tiny Cyprus Tells Neoliberal Europe To Get Lost by Jerome Roos,, 20 March 2013

Round Trips to Cyprus by Paul Krugman, The New York Times, 20 March 2013

Alexis Tsipras: Greece could be the spark for defeating austerity across Europe - video interview, The Guardian, 19 March 2013

Cyprus's dramatic choice by Costas Lapavitsas, The Guardian, 19 March 2013

The Insanity of Austerity by Tom McNamara, CounterPunch, 19 March 2013

Why Cyprus Matters: The Eurozone Strikes Again by Maria Margaronis, The Nation, 18 March 2013

Cyprus Revolts Following Troika Demand to Seize Individual Savings by Jon Queally, Common Dreams, 18 March 2013

Island Nightmares by Paul Krugman, The New York Times, 18 March 2013

The Cyprus eurozone bailout conditions are bank robbery pure and simple by Aditya Chakrabortty, The Guardian, 18 March 2013

Cyprus's wealth tax makes perfect sense – its rich won't escape unscathed by Phillip Inman, The Guardian, 18 March 2013

Savers across Europe will look on in horror at the Troika's raid on Cyprus by Michael Burke, The Guardian, 17 March 2013

Troika Technical Manual: How to wreck (another) country? by Bill Mitchell, billy blog, 16 March 2013

What a terrible time for Europe to show Bulgaria the cold shoulder by Yavor Siderov, The Guardian, 6 March 2013

Of Cockroaches and Commissioners by Paul Krugman, The New York Times, 6 March 2013

Portugal: New Explosion Against Austerity And The Government,, 3 March 2013

Anger builds in Italy as old guard plots fresh technocrat take-over by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, The Telegraph, 3 March 2013

How Beppe Grillo stole the left's clothes by Lorenzo Fe, Red Pepper, March 2013

'Screw the Troika!' Portugal's Streets Flooded With Message: 'Austerity Kills' by Andrea Germanos, Common Dreams, 2 March 2013

What Grillo vote says about modern politics, Letters, The Guardian, 27 February 2013

Big Winner in Italian Election? The Five Star Movement by Craig Brown, Common Dreams, 26 February 2013

Grillo™ for dummies,, 25 February 2013

Rehn of Error – a systemic false belief that austerity will work! by Jeremy Smith, Prime Economics, 24 February 2013

Austerity, Italian-Style by Paul Krugman, International Herald Tribune, 24 February 2013

Spain's crisis could not have come at a worse moment - for her and for Europe by Rob Marchant, The Independent, 24 February 2013

Gratifying Signs of Desperation by Paul Krugman, The New York Times, 16 February 2013

No debate please, we're Europeans by Jonathan Portes, Not the Treasury view, 15 February 2013

Will EU discards ban finally force the hand of our fisheries minister? by George Monbiot, The Guardian, 11 February 2013

Europe's austerity hawks are celebrating a triumph over peanuts by Stephanie Blankenburg, The Guardian, 11 February 2013

Higher education under threat in Hungary by Károly Füzessi, openDemocracy, 11 February 2013

Obama and Europe's Meltdown by Conn Hallinan, CounterPunch, 7 February 2013

‘Gypsies are Animals' - Racism on Hungary's Right by Carl Rowlands, New Left Project, 1 February 2013

Europe is haunted by the myth of the lazy mob by Ha-Joon Chang, The Guardian, 29 January 2013

Eleven EU Nations Take on 'Financial Elite' with Robin Hood Tax by Lauren McCauley, Common Dreams, 23 January 2013

On Europe's ‘Progress' by Costas Panayotakis, NYTimes eXaminer, 23 January 2013

Mitos de la sabiduría convencional por Vicenç Navarro, Público, 21 de enero de 2013

The Left in Europe: From Social Democracy to the Crisis in the Euro Zone An Interview with Leo Panitch by Adaner Usmani, New Politics, Winter 2013

Latvia's Economic Disaster as a Neoliberal Success Story: A Model for Europe and the US? by Jeffrey Sommers and Michael Hudson, NYTimes eXaminer, 3 January 2013


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